Friday, December 9, 2011


A top show dog has to be in peak physical condition to endure the grueling travel schedule needed to compete at the highest level of our game.  Nutri-Stix is a new product that helps boost the canine immune system. 

Nutri-Stix was developed by the respected Bedlington Terrier breeder, Joan Weiskopf.  Joan Weiskopf is also a nationally recognized veterinary clinical nutritionist and author of the superb book on alternatives to commercial pet food, Pet Food Nation.  Nutri-Stix is an all natural, easy to use supplement that protects your dog in the stressful show environment or when your family dog is boarded away from home.   Made of all organic materials, including probiotics, coconut oil, and milk thistle, Nutri-Stix requires no refrigeration making it perfect to take on the road with you and your dog. 

The very affordable Nutri-Stix Immunity can be ordered from Nature’s Farmacy.   For the last minute Christmas shopper the publishers of Pet Food Nation, Harper Collins, will offer a signed copy of Joan's book packaged with two packs of Nutri-Stix for $25, starting on December 13th through their “Book Perk” program. 


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