Saturday, April 30, 2011


GCH CH Jaset’s Satisfaction

We have often teased about the ubiquitous Poodle. The Poodle in its show cut is the epitome of the show dog.  To the fancier the show cut is magnificent in full bloom.  To John Q Public it is extreme, maybe even ridiculous.  However, in no breed will you find a more highly developed sense of the dog show world.  You have an exceedingly high level of quality in all three varieties of the breed, a lengthy history of dedicated and knowledgeable breeders, and a standard of grooming excellence and dedication to presentation in the ring that is unequaled in the sport.

CH Smash Jp Rock It Man

This week the Poodle Club of America gathered 111 Toys, 98 Miniatures, & 254 Standard Poodles in Salisbury MD to celebrate one of America’s most popular Breeds.   Swedish judge Mikael Nilsson chose the Toy Poodle, CH Smash Jp Rock It Man, as his BOV and CH Sharbelle Just for Fun as his BOS.  BOV Ieyasu was bred by the masterful Yukiko Omura and is owned by Toshi Omura & Simon Briggs.

CH Kandansk Legendary Storm
(Photo by Leslie Newing)

Arguably the perfect breed/variety for anyone, pet owner or exhibitor, we don’t see nearly enough Miniature Poodles anymore.  This week judge Debra Cozart selected the ten month old puppy bitch, CH Kandansk Legendary Storm as her Best Miniature Poodle.  Congratulations to breeders/owners to Kathryn Albrecht & Natasha Taphorn.  

The Standard Poodle Variety was chockablock with BIS winners and nationally ranked dogs.  Jane Forsyth selected the country’s Number Six Dog All Breeds, GCH CH Jaset’s Satisfaction, as her Best of Variety.    Congratulations to Anne, breeders/owners Sandra Tompkins & Chris Bailey, and owners Beth Harris & Mary Jo Winters.

In the inter-variety competition, Randy Garren would double down on the Standard, London, as his Best Poodle.  The National Specialty win is the perfect compliment to London’s 25 career all breed BIS.  If  you haven’t seen this one yet, seek him out.  We promise you will be impressed.


  1. The mini bitch is also Canadian and was breeder/owner handled and trimmed!

  2. BOSV & BOSB goes to GCH Dawin Spitfire...

  3. Thank you for a lovely written article giving note to each of the Best of Variety winners.

    Congratulations to this year's Best of Breed winner GCH Jaset's Satisfaction. Those who were there all noted that his win brought down the house with thunderous applause.

  4. It is also something of note that the BOS and Winners dog were both out of the same sire BISS MBIS Ch Compostela The Perfect Storm. Cane has proven himself a TP of great worth this past week.

  5. London is a dog that can please most dog fanciers. My original breed starting in 1973 was Alaskan Malamutes and thus soundness and movement is of paramount importance to me. London has that in spades.

    My current breed, shiba inu, is a breed in the NonSporting group and over the past ten years I've seen and competed with a lot of poodles. Some I have liked, some not so much, but this one struck me as special the first time I saw him and have been following his career ever since.

    If I were a spider named Charlotte, my web would say "SOME POODLE!"