Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Palm Springs Kennel Club Show Grounds

We’ve taken down the Christmas decorations and put the visiting family on flights back to their homes and we are now ready to get back to our world, the world of AKC conformation shows.  However, like an athlete that has just completed a marathon, we shall take it easy at first.

This coming week we have just 15 all breed shows in six locations.  However we start the year with what could be the biggest single show we will see all year, the Saturday Palm Springs Kennel Club show in Indio CA.  With nearly 3400 dogs entered in the regular classes, a dog getting a Group Four there could collect more points than some of the BIS winners elsewhere in the US this weekend.  In addition to the two giant all breed shows, there are seven limited breed shows on Thursday and Friday.

Many in the dog world spend much of January in Florida where there are more dog shows than BINGO tournaments this month, with 13 shows from the 7th through the 22nd.  It all starts this week with four shows in Ormond Beach, just north of Daytona Beach,  on Friday with two hosted by the Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers Association followed by two courtesy of the Jacksonville Dog Fanciers' Association.  

Rounding out the week are three shows in Tallmadge OH with the Columbiana County Kennel Club & the Rubber City Kennel Club, two in Pendleton SC with the Clemson Kennel Club, two in St Paul MN with the Land O' Lakes Kennel club, and two in Glen Rose TX, 80 miles SW of Dallas, with the Nolan River Kennel Club.  So make this your New Year’s resolution, attend more AKC dog shows this year!


  1. The Land O'Lakes is a 3 days show for some people because there are different specialties going on all Friday.

  2. Billy, will Malachy the peek be shown again this year?

  3. I hear that David is taking a well deserved vacation/break. Very much deserved!

    I sure hope he will be showing Malachy this year! Go Malachy!

  4. hopefully will get to see the two smooth fox at new york????