Sunday, October 10, 2010


GCH CH Castle Rock's Sbigstaff Mad About You
(Photo by Kenneth Reed Photography)

We have been off line most of the day, after an morning visit to our local emergency room to investigate some pesky chest pains.  We agreed to stay overnight on the condition that they admit our laptop computer along with us.  So forgive us if we are a bit slower with our reports than usual over the next couple of days.

First we have a report from Blue Bell PA and the biggest of all limited breed shows, the Montgomery County Kennel Club show.  There were 2136 Terriers entered with the West Highland White Terriers in the lead with 131 entries.  Scottish Terriers were close behind with 126, and our breed, the Cairn Terrier, just after with 125.  At the end of the day, it was one of our DOGS2WATCH, the American Staffordshire Terrier, GCH CH Castle Rock's Sbigstaff Mad About You, winning the Terrier world’s most coveted prize.  Rounding out the placements were the Irish Terrier, GCH CH  Fleet St Fenway Fan, the Smooth Fox Terrier, GCH CH Slyfox Sneaks A Peek, and the Scottish Terrier, CH Lomondview Clementina.

2010 MCKC BIS Maddy has been coming into her own lately, winning her first all breed BIS just six months ago.  Maddy was bred by Laszlo Silz Nagy & Dayna Pesenti, is owned by Dayna, Genoa Brown, & Ruth Sampson, and handled by Kim Rudzik.  A big congratulations to all of them and all the other winners at today’s Magnificent Montgomery County Kennel Club show!


  1. She is very pretty! Congratulations!

  2. Bill take care, we all rely on your fabulous scoops. Your pesky chest pains better be heartburn....please take care.

  3. What a weekend for Maddy! If she's already this accomplished at such a young age, I can't imagine how successful she'll be within the next couple of years. She's really going to have to be one bitch to keep our eyes on! Congratulations to all the other winners as well!

    And take care of yourself, Billy. Take a break if you need to. Your health is much more important to us than getting show results right away. :)

  4. That's dedication! Please remember that while it is a FABULOUS website, it's not as important as your health! Take care. Hope everything turns out ok. Thanks for all your hard work

  5. Beautiful Bitch.Congrats to her team on such a prestigous win.
    I hope all turns out well for you, and you are back in the swing in no time. Take care of yourself. Thanks for all you do for us folks at home.

  6. Hope you are up and running. Thought the Cairns were the highest entry at 144, but who's quibbling. It was a great show and a beautiful day!

  7. Yes, Cairns had the largest entry with 144, don't have any idea how many absentees.