Tuesday, May 25, 2010


CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice

Weekend results keep dribbling in.  From Corunna MI, we now have Sunday results on the Genessee County Kennel Club show.  Rita Bell had the final final and her choice of the Golden Retriever, CH Malagold’s Stone Sour OA AXJ RE, the Afghan Hound, CH Suliman Incendio, the Giant Schnauzer, CH Kenro’s Happy Hour, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, a Pug from the nine to twelve puppy dog class, Firehouse’s Shayna Lahava, the Standard Poodle, CH Dawin Spitfire, and a Shetland Sheepdog from the open bitch class, Hivalley The Price Is Right.  Her BIS was AKC’s Number One Dog All Breeds, the Smooth Fox, Dodger.  Dodger & handler Amy Booth continue to keep their distance from the rest of the crowd, winning all breed Best In Show number 25 this year.


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