Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our Florida marathon resumes Wednesday in Brooksville with the Manatee Kennel Club’s second offering of the set. The RVs will remain in the lot until through Sunday. Some of the Florida crowd have already left for Portland OR where they will kick it off tomorrow with an all Terrier event sponsored by the Terrier Association Of Oregon. We expect the fireworks to really start on Thursday when the Tualatin Kennel Club & the Dog Fanciers Association Of Oregon weigh in with four all breed shows. Make no mistake the Portland set will have a major impact on our 2010 race.

Ventura CA Coastline

Savvy competitors have plenty of options this week. They can choose from foursomes in chilly Novi MI offered by the Livonia & Oakland County Kennel Clubs or in wet, but warmer Ventura CA where the Simi Valley, San Fernando & Channel City Kennel Clubs will team with the Ventura County Dog Fanciers Association or in West Friendship MD where the Carroll & Annapolis Kennel Clubs will set up shop.

Moon Over Anchorage AK

The Packerland Kennel Club, Winnegamie Dog Club, & Oshkosh Kennel Club will offer three shows in Oshkosh WI and the Central Iowa Kennel Club, the Mississippi Kennel Club, & the Fort Bend Kennel Club will offer twofers in Des Moines IA, Greenville MS, & Rosenberg TX, respectively. The truly adventurous can try their luck in Anchorage AK with the Kenai &
Alaska Kennel Clubs or in Ewa HI with the West Oahu Kennel Club.


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