Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Though we have barely put 2009 to bed, it is time to turn our attention to 2010 shows. We gave you a look at this week’s big event, the Palm Springs Kennel Club shows and the 30 something specialties and limited breed shows leading up to the weekend. However, there’s a lot going on elsewhere.

Ormond Beach FL at Sunrise

With the biting cold most of us are experiencing this week, the four day stop in Ormond Beach FL starting Friday sounds awfully inviting. The Greater Daytona & Jacksonville Dog Fanciers' Associations will host. For those willing to brave the frosty Ohio temperatures head south of Cleveland to Tallmadge OH where the Columbiana County & Rubber City Kennel Clubs will set up Friday for three days.

St Paul Winter Carnival Ice Castle

There’s two day fare aplenty. For those who love the winter weather, we recommend the Land O’ Lakes Kennel Club’s weekend in St Paul MN. New Yorkers can go up to White Plains NY for shows from the Kennel Club Of Northern New Jersey & the Saw Mill River Kennel Club. Southerners can head for Pendleton SC near the GA/TN/NC/SC border where the Clemson Kennel Club plans two shows. Finally, Texans can turn to Glen Rose TX near Dallas for their first shows of 2010. Any one of these shows could feature a 2010 top ten dog and you can get a chance to say, "I saw him way back when." Visit your local AKC dog show this weekend.


  1. Happy New Year !!!

    2010 New Year's Fireworks show

  2. the breakdown of entries for WKC are out!!!!!

    What state has the most interesting count???

  3. As last year we will be doing lots of analyses prior to Westminster. The entry distribution is pretty much what it's always been. Some people may be surprised that Texas has so many entries but that's pretty much been the case for many years.

  4. Robin from Florida!January 6, 2010 at 4:27 PM

    I'd like to post a weather report for 'sunny' Florida near those Ormond shows for the weekend! While it is true, the sun is expected to shine for most of the weekend, we are currently experiencing our share of bitter cold that is expected to last into the weekend. Highs expected to be in the 40's, lows in the 20's! The coldest we've had in 12 years!