Monday, October 26, 2009


We told you that the Harrier, CH Jackpot Kingsbury Beamer, took home the BIS trophy at the Evansville Kennel Club show in Princeton IN on Saturday.

CH Clussexx Crayola Crayon

Also in David Jay Hyman’s final were the Clumber Spaniel, CH Clussexx Crayola Crayon, the Standard Schnauzer, CH Pepper Tree Zorro V Morgenwald, the Lakeland Terrier, Wenrick's You Know It, the Italian Greyhound, Lorac Like A Charm, the Bulldog, Dash's New Life Noahs Bark, and the Rough Collie, CH Fantasy's Midnight Confessions.


  1. congrats to the winners - but this was only a 300 dog show with about 15 judges on the panel. Is it the economy, too many shows, or what?

  2. Billy,
    RE: the 300-dog count...Seems to me it's the economy, the price of gas, AND too many shows. From what I've observed, the quality of the group-placing dogs at these shows is still very high, cuz people with the top dogs are still out there campaigning. It's the ordinary folks with nice, sound dogs, the ones who show "just for fun," who are staying home. The sport's no longer fun if you're worried about paying your light bill......So you only go to a few shows, the ones closest to home. Plus, it's increasingly difficult to find majors. And then when you finally get there, the top 2-3 spots in your group are a "lock" for the nationally- campaigned dogs who have sought out your little local show for a chance to go BIS.

    I'd love to see some sort of cap on how many shows a dog can go to for points to count for the big awards, or have the various systems go on some sort of percentage basis, like baseball! This would take away the incentive to campaign a dog 52 weeks a year, a pratice that seems truly insane.
    I say this as an exhibitor with a new dog who has definite Group One potential. And I'm saying it anonymously, cuz I do NOT need the flack I might get!

  3. I thought that was a Sealyham for a moment *Does double take*.