Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We know summer is over. We know you are partied out after the past long weekend. However, there is nothing like the hair of the dog to cure a weekend hangover. No we are not talking about your favorite libation, We are talking about this week’s dog show offerings.

We have a veritable fall harvest of shows, with 41 all breed shows in the lower 48. There are four day fantasies on both Atlantic and Gulf beaches. In Falmouth MA you can have your own shark week while attending the Cape Cod and South Shore Kennel Club shows Thursday through Sunday. (You did see the reports on Great White Sharks off Cape Cod?) In Biloxi MS you can visit the alligator farms in between shows offered by the Singing River Kennel Club Of Mississippi & the Mobile Kennel Club on the same days.

If, however, the mountains are more your thing, try the Pocono Mountain Kennel Club shows in Gilbert PA on Thursday & Friday, then move on down to Kempton for Lehigh Valley Kennel Club’s show on Saturday before checking out Sunday’s Berk’s County Kennel Club event in Kutztown. Friday, the Missouri Rhineland Kennel Club & Three Rivers Kennel Club Of Missouri will open a four day stand in Sullivan MO and the Hutchinson, Salina, &Wichita Kennel Clubs will kick off a three day visit in Salina KS.

There are two day offerings in virtually every area of the country/ Moving east to west, we have shows in Pinehurst NC, East Ridge TN, Lockport NY, Goodells MI, Lebanon IN, Manitowoc WI, Rochester MN, Chino Valley AZ, Farminton UT, San Rafael CA, and Wenatchee WA.

How many BIS finals have you watched this year? Visit an AKC show to see some of the finest purebred dogs anywhere.


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