Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We regret to tell you that Judy Doniere, longtime Doberman breeder and an AKC judge, passed away early this morning after a fight with ovarian cancer. Judy's last Best In Show assignment was at the August 2nd Bismark Kennelc Club show.

Dobermans were constant companions of Judy for 70 years. She even received a Doberman puppy as a wedding present from her husband, Pat. That puppy was the first of many Dobermans Judy showed. Among the many champions bred by her Toledobes kennels was the winningest Doberman female in history, CH Toledobes Serenghetti. In 1975 Judy became an AKC judge starting with her beloved Dobermans. She quickly added the Hound Group, followed by the Sporting, Working Terriers, and Toy Groups as well as several breeds from both the Non-Sporting and Herding Groups.

A gracious lady, much loved by exhibitors, Judy will be missed by the dog fancy. Our condolences to Judy’s family and friends.


  1. What a sad loss for the dog world. Prayers to her and her loved ones. She sounds like an amazing lady that truly spent her life giving to society and animals!

  2. RIP Sweet Judy - What a tragic loss to the dog community and to those who were close to her.

  3. I finally got to meet Judy at the Silver State Kennel Club Dog Show in April 2009- what a wonderful lady! My sympathies to her family and friends.
    Tammy Harper
    Tammy Harper Grooming Las Vegas

  4. We love you Judy, probably more than your children ever would.

  5. Thank you friends for commenting on our dear mother. She is the strongest woman, doctors and nurses and her family have seen to have stage 4 ovarian cancer and still getting her chemo treatments around her dog show assignments was amazing. Her one wish which did not happen was to go the National in Oct. Just one last show, well she showed her strength one last time to us up until the moments of her passing. She was beautiful inside as she was on the outside. Sincerely, her daughter Vicki

  6. Aunt Judy you will be missed by your family more than anyone could ever know, I feel like you see me here in Georgia now and are watching over me with Grama, Grampa, and God.
    Please any person that could write something so hurtful about your wonderful children, may they forgive as God has forgiven all us our sins and harsh tongues. Jodi Allen Steele

  7. I was Judys manicurist for 11 years. When she called me just six days before she passed away to do her nails from her bed, I was honored to do so. We talked and shared one last special 'girl time'. She always handled whatever came her way with grace and dignity. I will truly miss her. Earla

  8. It saddens me that someone would actually make a comment that they loved my mother more than her children ever could. That is really a cruel statement. As her daughter, I take offense to this comment. Her children did and still do love her. They were with her when she was dying.I saw only three of her dear friends that really did love her from the dog show world with her at that time. So please retract such an ugly statement. Please allow us to mourn her loss in our own way. Tami (Doniere) Byroads

  9. Judy introduced me to Dobies when I was very young. I lived up Albon Road in Moclova. My Mother breed and showed Great Danes but, the Dobie was the dog I fell in love with. She even allowed me to have one of her dobies at the house for a while. Her name was Casey who slept in bed with me every night. To this day I remember both Judy and Casey with great fondness. Toledobes were/is a grand kennel.
    Susan E. Phipps
    Salem, Oregon

  10. Well it has been 6 months since my mom passed away, for those of you who knew her and would like to see a video my sister Lori put together please go to and type in the search
    Moms memorial final Oct 27 2009 and you can see some early year photos and up to the weeks before she left us. I can still see her smiling face and know she is so happy
    Her daugher, Vicki Boyle

  11. All you had to do with Judy when you were around her was to watch and listen and you were motivated. She was a great teacher.

    Her friend
    Sam Moceri
    Stockbridge, MI

    August 21,2012 12:33 AM