Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We are pleased to announce that we received notification yesterday evening that our daughter, Wellesley (Windy) has been admitted to Georgetown University’s Nursing School.

The Author with his daughter, Windy, in Washington DC

Regular readers will recall that we were in Washington DC last month accompanying Windy, who had an interview for Georgetown’s accelerated nursing program for students already holding Bachelor degrees. Now we have to wait to find out if she will receive an assistantship that will pay 80 percent of the $60,000 tuition. After all, that will pay handling fees for a couple of months ;-)

Georgetown University's Mascot

Did you know that Hoyas is not some ancient term for Bulldogs (the Georgetown mascot), but is Greek for “What Stones!”? Well, they do have a good Nursing program.


  1. CONGRATS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY! Lets cross our fingers for that assistanship now. :)

  2. Greatest congratulations! You are clearly a fantastic producer!


  3. Wonderful news!! Congratulations! Fingers crossed for the assistantship.

  4. Congratulations! Best of luck on that assistanship! Nursing is tough, but very rewarding!