Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There will only be six cities hosting dog shows in the US this coming weekend, but this will still be one of the largest AKC weekends of the year. There will be over 10,000 dogs in competition this weekend in Louisville KY where the Ketuckiana Cluster kicks off Thursday with the Mid-kentucky Kennel Club show, followed by offerings from the Louisville Kennel Club Friday and Sunday, and the Evansville Kennel Club on Saturday. You can be sure that most of the country's top dogs will be in attendance.

Churchhill Downs, Louisville KY

Offering a tempting alternative to those of the East Coast where the Delaware County Kennel Club, the Lancaster Kennel Club, and the York Kennel Club are teaming for a four day funfest, also starting Thursday in York PA. There are also traditional two day shows in Davie Fl, Houston TX, Dubuque IA, and Del Mar CA courtesy of the Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Galveston, Dubuque, and Del Sur Kennel Clubs.

Our Daughter, Windy, and Our Scottie, Bernie

We have cancelled our plans to be in Louisville as we are taking our daughter to Washington DC for an interview at Georgetown School of Nursing. We will miss all of you going to Kentucky, but we are really excited about the possibility that our little girl made the cut at Georgetown. We are taking the notebook with us and will have results for you, although they may be a little less timely than usual.


  1. Billy,

    Your daughter is beautiful. Best of luck to her in her interview, I hope she gets in!

    Your Scottie is so cute. I enjoyed the holiday pictures you posted, you should post more about your own dogs as well :0)


  2. Have you updated the new Top 10 standings yet?

  3. Please wish her luck! Have fun! :)

  4. Best of Luck to your daughter .I'm sure she will do great!

  5. Good luck on the interview. And, hope that the ARs don't let your dog out of its crate in Louisville. You might get it back along with a bill...for a mandatory spay/neuter. I wouldn't spend a dime in Louisville. They're not getting any of my dog show dollars.

  6. You know you are just punishing the club for the legislation they fought very hard to get put down. Should you have the real complaint it should be with AKC. Many peoples opinion state AKC did very little to fight this and they did not have anyone in attendance at the meetings. They should have had a presence at these meetings and worked to lobby against this legislation. they have 3 AKC reps within driving distance.

  7. Lincoln won the Griffon nationl here in Louisvile, the groups are just starting .

  8. any group results in louisville?