Sunday, March 8, 2009


CH Efbe’s Hidalgo At Goodspice & owner/handler Margery Good

First Obama boots Churchill out of the Oval Office and now an American dog has gone Best In Show at Crufts under an American judge, Peter Green. Not since the end of the Raj have the British suffered such a setback. Our own CH Efbe’s Hidalgo At Goodspice, the Sealyham Terrier, finished ahead of the number one dog in the UK, the Standard Poodle, CH Afterglow The Big Tease, who took Reserve.

CH Afterglow The Big Tease

The white Poodle, Donny, is an AKC champion and represented the UK at the 2008 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Donny was handled by his breeder/owner Michael Gadsby. Charmin has now added the penultimate third jewel to dogdom’s triple crown, having won the 2007 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, the 2008 World Dog Show in Stockholm in July, and now the 2009 Crufts Dog Show. Congratulations to breeder Frances Bergeron, owners Margery & Richard Good & Sandra Middlebrooks, and handler Margery Good on a magnificent show career.


  1. Awesome and amazing are the only two words that come to mind.

  2. Go, Charmin!!!!!!!!!!

    Question, do poodles in the continental trim in England always have that fuller-looking, less-tied up topknot, or is that specific to that particular dog? This dog also has kind of upright rear angulation to me, but still a very nice dog (obviously).

    But not as nice as Charmin! Yay, Charmin!


  3. Another milestone for Charmin and Margery!

    I got to witness Charmin's first Best in Show while traveling with her and saw a good number of Charmin's bests including his Montgomery win this past fall.

    I'm so happy for Margery as she is one of the hardest working breeder/handlers around.

    Congratulations also to Breeder France Bergeron and Co-Owner Sandra Middlebrooks.

    What a win!!!!!!!! :-D

  4. (Damn my long ramble was lost.....I'll just sum it up)

    1.If Charmin can win Westminster in '10 he will be crowned "King of all Showdogs"(I wish =p)

    2.I agree that Margery is a hard worker to do all this for her dogs.

    3.Who would be interested in starting a Charmin Fan Page with me? Contact me at

  5. I heard that Crufts will be Charmin's last show.

    What a way to go out!

  6. Am I wrong but isn't he Canadian born?

  7. Way to go charmin! I don't blame her if she did retire him but I'd like to see 100 BIS's. He is so close. I know he can do it! :)

  8. Where did you hear that this will his last show Anonymous(I want to see some hard proof).

    Anonymous 2:Yes Charmin is from Canada.I do belive that he's from a place called Efbe's Sealyhams(I think).

    And anyone notice that the the BIS judge was the same one who judged the terrier group at Westminster last month(And did the 2 evictions, but that is another story).Wonder why he did'nt choose charmin while he had the chance?

  9. I Absolutley am Excited For Mr. Charmin.
    Considering he Should of won the Terrier Group at the Garden.

  10. Marge has said 100 and quits for Charmin so let's see. Anonymous, maybe you are thinking of 'Merci' the Sealy who was top dog in Canada?

  11. WOO-HOO!!! WAY TO GO CHARMIN!! Hey Mr.D, I just sent you an email.

  12. A little off-topic(Or not)But how long on average is a showdog is shown/involved in breeding before it's retired?

    P.S To the people who responded to my inquiry(As of this posting).I've sent you all responses.I'm going to try to secure some Message board space for planning purposes ,so until then just wait and see(New people are still encouraged to E-mail me if they want to help).

  13. Merci & Charmin are full brothers (Merci's the elder) bred by Frances Bergeron of Quebec, Canada. As I have frequently stated here, Charmin was born in Canada, but grew up here and has always been campaigned here, so we have always considered him an "American" dog. I'm not sure he has ever been shown in Canada.

  14. Update on Charmin Fan Page.
    I've secured some MB space for the planning of the page.

  15. Oh perlease... anyone watching could see that the Poodle should have won. He got a MUCH louder applause than the Sealyham.

  16. That's because the people don't know a good dog when they see one.The way they cut poodles in these shows, eech.....

  17. I believe the poodle was the #1 dog in the UK so that would explain why it was the crowd favorite. The poodle was quite nice but Charmin is an awesome dog and showed very well also so I agree with the judge's choice. :)

  18. It's official. Charmin is now retired.

    I'm so sad we won't ever see him compete again.

    Billy, can you do a separate posting on this? This is definitely newsworthy. Thanks so much.

  19. So it is official he's retired.Well I wouldn't count him out*Cites the victory of stump who was the oldest dog to take Westminster*(Unless Margery has plans for a castration for him, then that's another story).
    Charmin was the reason I gave a damn about dogshows in the first place.The moment I saw him Thanksgiving day 2007 I was hooked.
    He was one of a kind.No Sealy will rival him.Not his children, his grandchildren, or his great-grandchildren.Not even his brother, Merci.
    This is a sad day for dogshows on this planet.
    Billy you must do a separate post on this.
    P.S I'm still looking for people for my Charmin Fan page

  20. So if they are full brothers then why does it say Merci is born 3/27/2003 and Charmin was born 5/19/2004?

    So they were concevied at the same time but Charmin was put on ice of something like that?