Friday, February 27, 2009


We have learned that the ABC news program, Nightline, is preparing as a story on canine health, including breeding practices, similar to the last August’s BBC expose, Pedigreed Dogs Exposed. AKC has told us that it appears that ABC is following the current media fashion and preparing a biased, sensationalized story that will be critical of our fancy.

AKC has been advised by their attorneys (who else) not to cooperate with ABC in the preparation of this story. They have even asked the AKC faithful to politely decline ABC’s requests for interviews and refer them to the AKC’s Communications dept at or 212-696-8343. AKC has issued the following statement:
“The American Kennel Club is the nation’s leading not-for-profit organization devoted to canine health, breeding and responsible dog ownership. The AKC’s breeding policies and high ethical standards have made us the most widely respected registry in the world. Each year, the AKC performs approximately 5,000 kennel and breeder inspections to ensure the proper care and conditions of dogs and has led the charge in regards to advancing canine health, including founding the AKC Canine Health Foundation in 1995. Since that time, $22 million has been given to more than 500 research projects at 74 vet schools and research institutes worldwide to improve the health of all dogs.”
Nonetheless, should you like to let ABC know you support our fancy and you believe that AKC dog shows are a forum to educate the public on how responsible breeders are improving the health of our pets, then you can write to them here. (We did)


  1. Sounds like H$u$ and/or PETA are at it again! Thanks for the heads up.