Saturday, February 28, 2009


We thought that we would have to wait until Monday morning for detailed show reports, but we have been alerted to the fact that AKC’s staff has been busy posting results this morning. First to the predictable, the Giant Schnauzer, CH Galilee's Pure of Spirit, has won yet another BIS.

CH Galilee's Pure of Spirit

This one came on Day two of the Sequoia Kennel Club show in Hanford CA. Also on hand in Judge Donna Buxton’s ring to watch Spirit march toward the century mark were the Weimaraner, CH Smokycity Silhouette Dbl Ur Pleasure, the Whippet, CH Sonsteby’s In A Pickle, the Standard Manchester Terrier, CH Medley's War Hunt, the Pomeranian, Starlight's Smile From Siam, the Standard Poodle, CH Penndragon Masaniello, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Caamora All Dolled Up PT.

CH Rokeena Carte Blanche

Not as predictable, but now particularly surprising, were the events down on the deep south mega cluster. Not since Sherman has there been such a march through the south. Yesterday they gathered in Fort Walton Beach FL (which bears no resemblance to South Beach) to get Judge Gloria Geringer’s opinion on our merry band of travelers. Lining up for inspection were the Labrador Retriever, CH Robnie’s Chantilly At Lighthouse, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH Rokeena Carte Blanche, the Portuguese Water Dog, CH Driftwood Call Me Sexsea, the Sealyham Terrier, CH Efbe’s Hidalgo At Goodspicem the Pekingese, CH Franshaw’s hear Me Roar, the French Bulldog, CH Raindrops Justus Life’s A Game, and the German Shepherd Dog, CH Shoal Creek’s Sangria V Barick. With so many shows and so many BIS judges, no one dog could dominate this circuit. Friday belonged to the PBGV, CeeJay, who picked up his fifth BIS of the year.

CH Roundown Mercedes Of Maryscot

Finally, the heavy action was in Scottsdale AZ where we had twice as many dogs as the other two shows combined, with over 2300 dogs entered in the Suoerstition Kennel Club event. Judge Nancy Simmons definitely had a stellar group of dogs to choose from. In her final were the Golden Retriever, CH Toasty’s Treasure Island, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH Afterglow Ebeneezer, the Boxer, CH Duba Dae’s Who’s Your Daddy, the Scottish Terrier, CH Roundown Mercedes Of Maryscot, the Affenpinscher, CH Tamarin Tug, the Bichon Frise, CH Paray Rime Time, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Coventry Vanity Fair. Winning another big one was the Scottie, Sadie, who is now threatening to take over the number one spot in the national rankings. And, if it happens, we will be the first to tell you about it.


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