Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Just this morning I was talking with AKC about the broadcast of the Eukanuba National Championship. Now I get this heads up from Robin over at The Endangered Owner. PETA is lobbying USA network to follow the BBC lead and dump the Westminster Broadcast.

After I ran around the house, shrieking like a mad man, swearing a blue streak, and foaming at the mouth, I asked myself what is the most effective way to deal with this. And then I thought of you all. Please, please go to the LA Times and read what people are saying. You will be stunned to see how many people think that this a good idea. The more dog people that add their comments to the LA Times site, the better. We must let everyone who reads this dribble know that the PETA supporters are the minority.

After you have explained to the LA Times readers how PETA simply wants to do away with pets in general, especially the purebred dog, go to the USA website and tell them how much you would miss the Westminster broadcast because you and everyone you know has watched it year after year after year. Then go back and hug your dog and reassure him/her that you will do everything you can to make sure the bad PETA people never take them away.

And you thought this only happened in Europe. Wake up, people!


  1. UGGG PETA MAKES ME SOO MAD! They don't even understand what dog shows are about. Why do they have to try and bother us. We aren't doing anything wrong and we have rules and such so if someone does something wrong they get punished for it.

    This is ridculous....if USA is that stupid I hope ESPN will pick it up or something. But come on...how retarded.

    Oh and all this about shelter animals myself and I know many others we own CH dogs and I have two mix breeds now. WE AREN'T BAD PEOPLE!

  2. I went to the Endangered Owner blog and read the "12 Step Plan," but I didn't see any reliable connection between that plan and either PETA or the HSUS. The source of the plan appeared to be a book or pamphlet or something not published by HSUS or PETA. However, the blog strongly implied that this so-called plan from years ago is some manifesto of PETA's or HSUS's. It's not clear to me that that's the case.

    I've seen PETA accused many times of things that they never did or claimed to do or ever indicated any belief in.

    I'm not a member of either group, BTW. I know the EXTREME Animal Rightists are out there, but I'm not convinced they're acting under the PETA or HSUS banner.

    I'm off to see find some hard facts about Westminster broadcast.

  3. FyI,,anonymous poster, both PETA and HSUS are aninal rights groups. They have infiltrated EVERY aspect of our lives that involves animals, as outlined in the 12 steps. One only has to go to PETA's website to understand their HATRED of purebred dogs and breeders of all walks of life. They make no secret of their agenda. H$U$, OTOH, is far more devious. Instead of coming out all brash and sassy like PETA, they use their legislative clout to make it more difficult, more expensive, etc, not just for pet owners, but for farmers, and any business related to animals.

    Animal Rights lunatics are all the same..the same goals..one just wears a suit and a Rolex(H$U$), while the other goes nude at the drop of a hat.(PETA)

  4. Thanks for setting that straight!!! It is dangerous to underestimate PETA and H$U$!!!!!!

  5. I heard about this several days ago and was one of the first to comments at the LA Times site. Since then the LA Times has printed an article stating they were contacted by over 300 dog lovers supporting the show. I am sure had we not turned out in force the article would have gone by the wayside. I was amazed my letter was quoted in their second article.

    On a similar by separate note. The producer of the BBC program regarding purebred dogs is up in arms. She states they are categorically against PETA and are offended PETA is using their program. They have not been contacted by PETA and in her article had some really strong opinions about PETA goals.