Monday, January 5, 2009


Because we are dedicated to giving you the most timely rankings available anywhere in the dog world, we present the inaugural 2009 Dog Show Poop Top Ten on the side bar on the right of this page. If you didn’t see our posts on how our rankings are computed you can read about it here. We will be publishing a traditional top ten as well, but are at the mercy of others for those numbers. However, we expect to have that for you in a few days.

You will notice that we have no image for the Samoyed, CH White Eagle's Celestial Sky, which is kind of unusual for dog that has been this active. If any of you know the breeders/owners/handlers, please tell them to send us a photo. We have readers from all over the globe that want to see who this dog is!

Because we haven’t had a sufficient number of shows in all of our regions to have a meaningful top ten, we are delaying the premiere of the regional rankings. We hope to bring those to you in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, these rankings will result in more dogs receiving recognition because every AKC show has some beautiful animals to see.


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