Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Bev, over at MY FIRE HYDRANT, has graciously provided this You Tube Play List for all of us to enjoy. If you haven't marked her blog as one of your favorites (I have), you should do so.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Billy! If you read my profile, you know I work for Eukanuba. For us, the Euk Championship is like our Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, and People's Choice awards all rolled into one great event! We love going to Long Beach to meet-n-greet with breeders and dog fancy folks.

    BTW--The video you featured on Tuesday ( was put together by our PR agency. Like you, I thought it should have been a little slicker, so I asked about it. It's to be used as B-roll for news shows--it is essentially a compilation of pieces of broadcast footage that media can pull from to create their own story and use within a news hour. They tell me that it’s designed to meet broadcast news producers’ needs, and that's why it looks so choppy. Who knew? I learn new stuff here everyday...