Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, the election is over and we can get back to a normal life and for us that means dog shows. We have a larger selection of smaller events this weekend, with a couple of clusters for those of us who have lots of free time to spend in one place. First, we have the Breeder’s Circuit in Fitchburg MA, with four all breed shows Thursday through Sunday. Fitchburg is about a hour west northwest of Boston. Look for entries of about 1,000 dogs. There’s also the Cotton Cluster in Priceville AL, about an hour north of Birmingham, on the same days and about the same size, but with warmer weather.

Slightly fewer days and slightly larger entries are available in the “M” states of Maryland and Michigan, with three day clusters in Salisbury MD, and Grand Rapids MI. The Eastern Shore Classic in Salisbury is a three day event, Friday through Sunday, 100 miles south of Baltimore. Or if you like cold weather and don’t like hockey you can opt for the West Michigan Harvest Cluster, an icy 150 miles west of Detroit.

For traditionalists and those who work five days a week, there are Saturday and Sunday events in Greensboro NC, Brooksville Fl an hour north of Tampa, Houston TX, Springfield MO, Shakopee MN outside Minneapolis, Pueblo CO, Napa CA, and Salem OR. Finally, in a spirit of inclusiveness, there is the tiny (less than 400 dogs) Cook Inlet Kennel Club show in Palmer AK, spitting distance from Wasilla. I understand that Sarah Palin will be dropping the puck now that she’s no longer needed on the campaign trail. You betcha!


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