Thursday, November 6, 2008


Just when I was starting to have buyer’s remorse over our Presidential election along comes something to remind me how lucky I am to live in the US. Now don’t go hating on me. I really admire a lot about other countries. Regular readers will know that I am an Anglophile, admire the way the French live, think no country is as stylish as Italy, believe the Japanese are incredibly hard working, and find India a fascinating culture. However, when it comes to pet ownership, the Brits can be a little extreme.

Too Much Malamute

While waiting for show results, I stumbled across this headline, “Barking mad: Owners of obese dogs and fat cats could face jail under controversial new rules”. While dog owners in the UK were napping the British animal rights nutcases managed to get the Animal Welfare Act passed which includes a provision to fine pet owners 20,000 pounds ($31,127 at today’s exchange rate) and jail them for up to 12 months (a lifetime in the US). Now, when I first read this I thought it was a joke. But, it is for real. You guys in the UK need to slap your elected officials up side the head with a box of doggy treats. Did you really survive the Blitz, to have some frumpy woman in sensible shoes and a bad haircut tell you what you can feed Fido?

Plus Size British Subject

I have owned a pudgy puppy or two and I, myself, have been on the plump side for the last 20 years (OK, OK, I’m fat.) However, I and my dogs live pampered, indulgent lives, and we like it that way. So I will put on my Harris Tweed jacket and my Gucci loafers, and get in the Honda and go down to my local bakery and buy two croissants, one for me and one for my Scottie, Cairn and two Poodles to share, while I read them this article under the headline, “Britain soon to become nation of fatties”. Wonder if they’ll put her husband in jail?


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