Thursday, November 13, 2008


We all know our dogs are heroes, but here’s a story from Paducah KY about a chow/pitbull mix breed who dragged a toddler from a burning home. Yesterday, the Paducah Kennel Club recognized Buddy as ”Hero Dog of the Year” for rescuing 18 month old Samara Breiding during a fire at her home on October. For his heroic deed, Buddy was awarded a certificate, a commemorative plaque, and a gift basket of doggy treats and toys.

Buddy, Paducah KY Kennel Club "Hero Dog pf the Year"

Reportedly, Samara’s parents each thought the other had taken the child from her room during the fire. However, it was Buddy who went to the child’s room and pulled the child from the house. It should be noted that this product of two breeds much maligned as “vicious”, gently pulled the child to safety by her diaper, without harming the child. For all of you clamoring out there to ban these breeds, remember “Buddy” who save a human life and know he is the representative of these breeds we want you to know.


  1. Thank you, Billy, for posting this story. It isn't often that the media covers the good things dogs do...especially when it involves a pitbull.
    Buddy is a great dog and I'm proud to have met him.

    (Paducah Kennel Club member)