Wednesday, November 12, 2008


As we head into the holiday season we have a few more important shows to get to before we are inundated with weekend guests and green bean casseroles. There are four day clusters in four different locations. There’s the Maryland Turkey Cluster (Wow, that sounds like an unnatural act) in West Friendship MD, Oklahoma Sooner Circuit in Chickasha OK south of Oklahoma City, the Leatherstocking Cluster in Syracuse NY, and the Mid-Ohio Cluster shows in Columbus OH.

There are threesomes in two locations, the Coyote Classics (You know that took a couple of Margaritas to come up with) in Tucson AZ and three shows hosted by the Greater Monroe and Fayetteville Kennel Clubs (No clever cluster name…apparently they don’t have Margaritas in North Carolina). For the working stiffs, there are traditional two day weekends in Ocala FL, Houston TX, Lincoln NE, Paso Robles CA, and Monroe WA. Finally there are shows on Thursday and Friday in Mobile AL (Don’t ask us why…maybe they have blue laws)

All of the four day clusters will be sizable shows with the Ohio shows approaching 2000 dogs. The three day shows will also have respectable entries of around 1500. Of the two day shows expect the Florida and Washington events to be in the 1600 to 1700 range. So put off turkey shopping until Monday and see a dog show this weekend!


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