Saturday, September 6, 2008


Anyone who was a child during the the Golden Age of television remembers the two great canine leads of the 1950’s, Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. While Lassie was the more successful and critically acclaimed program, I always preferred Rin Tin Tin. After all, Timmy was the kind of kid that got beat up in my elementary school. I mean, even the dog was a cross dresser. Rusty and Rin Tin Tin were what every boy and his dog aspired to be.

My childhood bias notwithstanding , I still think that we should all take notice of the young German Shepherd Dog, CH Woodsides Pacino. Tony was bred by Sandy Anderson & Linda Wheeler, is owned by Roger Rechler, Janet Lange, and James Moses. Tony is knocking at the door of the AKC’s top twenty all breed dogs. He has caught fire recently winning four BIS since August 1. Tony is just two years old and is handled by the legendary James Moses. Mr. Moses’ charges have won over 1,000 BIS. The top winning German Shepherd Dog in history, Ch Covy Tucker Hill's Manhattan, accounted for 201 of those wins including a BIS at the 1987 Wesminster KC show.

CH Woodsides Pacino

Those may be some big paw prints to fill, but the smart money says look for Tony to be running with the big boys from here on out. This is one re-run I will be watching.


  1. Very nice looking dog! We will pull for him when we see him in the shows. We once had a great german shepherd from the Covy Tucker bloodline.We have known of Jimmy Moses for years and we wish him luck!

  2. You have touched on another of 1 of my weaknesses. Is there a limit to the number of breeds we can have? Those beautiful sight hounds (especially Borzois, Salukis, Afghans) have always intrigued me. Such an old world elegance they have about them. Yep, I can see myself with a white satin gown & 2 Borzois or Salukis - of course I would probably be sliding on the ground behind them!