Monday, September 1, 2008


Here’s a follow up on endangered AKC breeds. The current number three hound in the US is CH Downhome Family Tradition, a Harrier dog. “Coda” was bred by Barbara & Jeff Fox & Linda Johnston & Susan Lowder, and is owned by Dr & Mrs William Truesdale & Susan Lowder. Coda is capably handled by Kimberly A Calvacca. Coda led the pack at the Muncie KC and Anderson KC shows in Muncie, IN on August 16 & 17, judges Mrs Lee Canalizo and Mrs Donelle Richards presiding respectively. Harriers are the second rarest AKC breed in with only 23 registered in 2006. Only English Foxhounds are rarer, with eleven registrations.

CH Downhome Family Tradition

Susan Lowder literally grew up in the game as the child of professional handlers. We applaud Susan and Down Home Harriers for promoting this wonderful breed. I encourage you all to visit their terrific web site. It has lots of information on the breed and beautiful pictures. I would have provided a link here, but unfortunately, Coda’s breeders/owners not only sound like a law firm, they have more legal jargon on their web site than do drug companies. So just Google “Downhome Harriers” and find their site. It is worth the extra effort. Are you beginning to understand why some breeds are so rare?

And just so you know that I’m not singling out Poodle people, here’s Coda’s vanity video from You Tube.


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