Thursday, December 10, 2015


GCH CH Yarrow Venerie Winning Ticket

Today’s Central Florida Kennel Club show in Orlando FL, will go down in the record books as one of the five biggest all breed shows in the US this year and one of the ten biggest in the last decade.  With all that talent every breed was hotly contested.  Among today’s top ranked breed casualties was Tuesday’s BIS winner, the Nation’s Number Four Dog All Breeds, the Brittany, GCH CH Rainbow Splash’s Ruggedly Handsome, who was Best of Opposite Sex to GCH CH Brigadier's Lightning Strikes Twice and Yesterday’s BIS winner, the Scottish Terrier, GCH CH Round Town Queen of Heart of Maryscot, who was bested by GCH CH Invercrest Gotcha Girl,

GCH CH Torquay Midnight Victory

That Brittany went on to a Group Four placement in judge Linda Hurlebaus’s Sporting Group joining three of this year’s Sporting Top Ten, the winner, the German Shorthaired Pointer, GCH CH Vjk-Myst Garbonitas California Journey, and the Group Two and Three, the Weimaraner, GCH CH Doc's Greyborn North Star of Acadia, and the English Springer Spaniel, GCH CH Telltale American Ride.  Judge Jon Cole’s Hound Group was led by yesterday’s RBIS, the 15” Beagle, GCH CH Torquay Midnight Victory.  Rounding out his placements were the Greyhound, GCH CH GrandCru Giaconda, Afghan Hound, GCH CH Xandali Bon Vivant, and the Borzoi, GCH DC Zoiboyz Encore.

Dr Steve Keating named the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, GCH CH Derby’s Toast with Gusto, his top Working Dog and the Boxer, GCH CH Mephisto’s Speak of the Devil, the Cane Corso, GCH CH Italic’s Fifty Shades of Grey, and the Black Russian Terrier, GCH CH Fun Nord's Hariton Gavrilovich.  The Norfolk Terrier, GCH CH Yarrow Venerie Winning Ticket, was judge Peggy Beisel-McIlwane’s best Terrier, followed by the Norwich Terrier, GCH CH Roserocks Atticus Finch, the Wire Fox Terrier, GCH CH Hampton Courts Monte Cristo, and the Miniature Schnauzer, GCH CH Yanga’s All The Time. 

The Pomeranian, GCH CH Hitimes What the Inferno, the country’s Number Two Dog All Breeds and Number One Toy Dog, was the only one of the Top Ten Toys to make into judge Dr Wanda Spediacci’s final four, picking up the fourth place behind the Toy Poodle, Hidden Valley B R8, the Affenpinscher, GCH CH Harrow Hi-Tech Drills n Skills, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, CH Stepamgar Skyfall.  All four of judge Jan Paulk’s Non-Sporting final four holding Top Twenty rankings in the group.  They were the French Bulldog, GCH CH Jcrv-Klasse Warrior Raising The Banner, the Chow Chow, GCH CH Eastern-Magic Fly Me Safe, the Boston Terrier, GCH CH Sabe’s Simply Invincible, and the Tibetan Terrier, GCH CH Kimmiks Who Dunnit.

The Puli, CH Cordmaker Mister Blue Sky, only recently joined the season, but has already made his presence known.  Today he was judge Jon Cole’s Number One Herding Dog, followed by the Norwegian Buhund, GCH CH Jotunn Bella Binna CGC, the Bearded Collie, GCH CH Dunhill Steeler Nation, and the Miniature American Shepherd, GCH CH Abingtons Da Vinci CM15. 

Patricia Ann Keenan went with the 2014 Montgomery County Kennel Club Best In Show, the Norfolk, Winston, for her BIS.  The Beagle, Vicki, collected her second consecutive RBIS.  Because Winston’s handler, Peter Green, is one of AKC’s busiest judges, Winston only makes it into the ring occasionally.  Because Peter Green is arguably the greatest Terrier man to have ever stepped into a ring, Winston is always in superb condition and perfectly presented.  Suddenly we have a new favorite for the weekend.  Tomorrow the Orange County Convention Center will host two limited breed shows and 31 breed specialties.  We will be here, on Twitter and Facebook all day Saturday and Sunday to give you the back story at AKC biggest weekend.


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