Monday, September 8, 2014


GCH CH Claircreek’s Impression de Matisse

We’ve decided to take a different approach to our show reports this week.  When we first started this blog, we focused only on the Top Ten Dogs All Breeds and their exploits.  From there we gravitated toward a laborious gathering of the most current statistics we could muster and reports on every AKC all breed show in the lower 48 (we admit we cannot get reliable results from all the Alaskan or Hawaiian shows).   We ended with a more or less timely regurgitating of the week’s results.   Circumstances have caused us not to be able to maintain the pace of a real time, all inclusive, reporting system.

GCH CH Starfire's Spank Me Hard Call Me Crazy

Lost in all that was our original mission, i.e. to be a cheerleader for the AKC conformation sport.  Our strategy was to give the reader “you are there ringside” experience by providing details about the event and the dogs that other publications did not.  When we started the mainstream publications were very slow in covering the shows.  Today The Canine Chronicle sets the standard for on line show results, providing very timely, if somewhat dry, reports.  That leaves us looking again for our niche in the game.  While we may not be the timeliest of reports, we hope to bring the reader more entertainment value than others.

GCH CH Ashdown’s Time to Thrill

So we start our Monday Morning Mop Up in Franklin TN where the country’s Number One Dog All Breeds, the Portuguese Water Dog, GCH CH Claircreek’s Impression de Matisse, opened his week with a BIS at Thursday’s Clarksville Kennel Club show in Franklin TN.  Joining Matisse is Gloria Geringer’s final were the Black Cocker Spaniel, GCH CH Ashdown’s Time to Thrill, the 15” Beagle, GCH CH Tashtin’s Lookin for Trouble, the Cairn Terrier, GCH CH Connacht A Ha' Penny Will Do, her RBIS, the Pomeranian, GCH CH Starfire's Spank Me Hard Call Me Crazy, the Bulldog, GCH CH Dowat’s The Gladiator, and the GCH CH C And J Silver Charm Of Chrysalis.

GCH CH Finnabair Ardmore Ned

At Friday’s Maury County Kennel Club of Tennessee BIS judge Pat Trotter would see the same seven save two, the Lhasa Apso, CH Monarchs The Messenger, and the Puli, GCH CH Cordmaker Topsy Turvey.  She would also name the PWD, Matisse, her Best.  She would choose the Cocker, Alan, for her Reserve.   The wins brings Matisse’s 2014 record to 96 BIS and 132 Working Groups.

Matisse and Alan would be the only of Thursday’s and Friday’s finalists to make it to the last ring at the CKC’s encore on Saturday.  Judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman would also consider the Whippet, Bo-Bett Appraxin Angel, the Glen of Imaal Terrier, GCH CH Finnabair Ardmore Ned, the Papillon, GCH CH Fenice Le Beaudreaux, the Standard Poodle, GCH CH Litilann's Show Time, and the Old English Sheepdog, GCH CH Lambluv's Sultry Sensation.  Alan, the Black Cocker, would take the BIS and Ned, the Glen of Imaal, would collect the RBIS.  Alan is the nation’s Number One Black Cocker Spaniel and Number Six Sporting Dog with six BIS this year.

GCH CH Tashtin’s Lookin for Trouble

Judge Robert Stein would close the four day set for the MCKCT with the now familiar Cocker, Beagle, Glen of Imaal, Pom, Bulldog, & Puli and the Doberman Pinscher, GCH CH Phillmar’s Superman.  Taking home the stop’s last big rosette was the Beagle, Miss P.  Adding an RBIS to his BIS was the Cocker, Alan.  Miss P is the country’s Number One Beagle and Number Three Hound with 13 all breed Bests this year.


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