Monday, December 2, 2013


GCH CH AfterAll Painting The Sky

Our Monday Morning Mop Up begins as it has so many times this season, with our Top Two Dogs All Breeds both going Best In Show.  Our Number One Dog, the Wire Fox Terrier,  the Wire Fox Terrier, GCH CH AfterAll Painting The Sky, was in Yuma AZ at the Imperial Valley Kennel Club show.

GCH CH Scylla's Small Kraft Re-Lit
(Photo by Infocusbymiguel)

Sky was joined in judge Margo Klinger’s final by the Clumber Spaniel GCH Clussexx Collaboration With Traddles, the Harrier, GCH CH Downhome Hitech Innovator, the Rottweiler, GCH CH Chancellor Flirts High Flyin' Gladiator, her RBIS, the Maltese, GCH CH Scylla's Small Kraft Re-Lit, the Tibetan Terrier GCH Starlight's Lady In Waiting, and the   Briard,  Deja Vu Popsakadoo Hawkeye's Imaginary Friend. 

GCH CH Claircreek’s Impression de Matisse

Our Number Two Dog, the Portuguese Water Dog, GCH CH Claircreek’s Impression de Matisse, picked up his latest BIS at the Beaufort Kennel Club show in Savannah GA.  Also looking for judge Frank Sabella’s approval were the Reserve winner, the Black Cocker Spaniel, CH Ashdown’s Time to Thrill, the Whippet, GCH CH Bo-Bett’s Quick Pick, the Miniature Schnauzer, CH Axcium’s Only the Brave, the Pekingese, GCH CH Yakee Easily Persuaded, the Bichon Frise, GCH CH Vogelflight’s “Honor” to Pillowtalk, and the Puli, GCH CH Cordmaker’s Topsy Turvey.

CH Ashdown’s Time to Thrill

While the race for Number One Dog has been decided…Sky leads all dogs by better than 19,000 points…the race for Show Dog of the Year, which is based on number of BIS won, may still be in play.  The PWD leads the Wire, 87 to 82.  Counting today’s shows, the two will have 12 more opportunities to pick up a BIS.  Will the lead change hands?  We will be the first to tell you. 


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