Thursday, October 31, 2013


Now that we are caught up with our show reports and statistics, our attention is turned to getting ready for tonight’s trick-or-treaters.  Halloween is not the big event for us that it was when we were younger and lived in San Francisco where Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year.  Nonetheless, we, and our dogs, look forward to seeing the little kids having so much fun.  While our Scottie, Bernie, thinks the children are just little varmints who steal our candy, our Cairn, Dee Dee, and our Italian Greyhound, Pepe, think that all these little kids have come to our home just to entertain them.

The evening won’t last long.  We live on a dead end street, which like most in our historic mid-town neighborhood, has few children.   Tomorrow my thoughts will turn to the Thanksgiving holiday and the largest of our family gatherings each year.  As a dog show enthusiast, we are used to looking a few weeks ahead in our planning, but today we got an e-mail that reminded us that the end of the show season is near.  The 2013 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship (AENC) in Orlando FL has several due dates coming up.  We have had our airline and hotel reservations for a while, but there are several important dates for exhibitors to look at in early November.  So before you start looking for recipes for heritage turkeys or cranberry chutney, check out this list of important AENC dates.  

If you haven’t yet visited the AENC since its return to Orlando, do it this year.  The site is great,  the competition is amazing, and the hotels and restaurants are the best.  See you there!


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