Friday, December 28, 2012


We spent the past year visiting every corner of the US talking to doggy folk about the game we love.  What I have found is that technology has made our sport more enjoyable.  Everywhere I went people were aware of what was going on all over the US.  Many had a firm grasp on the global fancy. 

We are going to attempt a few enhancements to Dog Show Poop this year.  The first is a no brainer.  To encourage participation by the average exhibitor, we are creating the Dog Show Poop Contributor.  The first person that emails us a show report ( with the registered names of the BIS, the RBIS, and the other five finalists, will be recognized as a DSP contributor.  We will feature his/her dog’s photo along with the BIS and RBIS from the show with a report on the dog’s performance, e.g. “This report was contributed by John Doe, whose Pug, DSP Fan, was Reserve Winners Dog, today.”  We are seeking to increase the average owner/handler’s participation, but we will make this open to all.  In the event of duplicate show reports, we will use the one with the earliest timestamp.  For those with a limited, or nonexistent, advertising budget, this is an great way to get your dog before the public eye.

"Drive By" Multnomah Falls on your way home from Portland OR

We are also going to return to our weekly preview of shows, including a designated “Drive By”.  So many of us go to shows in spectacular locations, but come home never having seen anything other than the show grounds.  We understand that a show weekend gets hectic, but most of us find ourselves heading home long before the day is over.  Rather than go home muttering about the judge that left you out of the ribbons, drive by something beautiful and make that your favorite memory of the weekend.  Please send us your recommendations for a Drive By to the above email address.

Jantzen Beach Bar and Grill, Portland OR

Finally, apart from our family and our dogs, our greatest loves are food and opera.  We have eaten way too many bad meals on show weekends.   We are always on the lookout for a reasonably priced spot frequented by locals, serving regional dishes, that gets us in and out quickly.  Let us know what your favorites are and we will add them to our weekly  “Doggy Bag”.

We have already designated 2012 as Our Favorite Year, but we think the best is yet to come.  Help us make 2013 a great one!


  1. Great Ideas!!! I like it...I like it a lot!!

  2. Great idea, looking forward to this. Happy New Year DSP!

  3. For the Rose City Classic, typical "go-tos" are Elmer's for breakfast across I-5 and BJ's Brewhouse a couple of minutes north of the convention center in Jantzen Beach and around 5-10 minutes north in Vancouver, WA (depending on traffic) are Joe's Crab Shack and Who's Song & Larry's (Mexican). If you go south into the city, there are great places on NW 23rd.

    Jay Serion