Tuesday, July 24, 2012


GCH CH R and G’s Mystical Dancer 
(Photo by Vicki Holloway) 

If you show dogs on the West Coast, you spend a good part of your time on I-5, the artery that runs from Mexico to Canada through the central valley of California, on through the mountains of Oregon, to Puget Sound in Washington.  This weekend fanciers were in Stockton CA for four shows with the Sierra-Tuolumne Kennel Club and the Kennel Club Of Salinas.   Though many exhibitors opted for the Portland Kennel Club’s two larger shows 600 miles north, the four day stop in Stockton drew almost 3500 entries.  

GCH CH Coventry Allure At Wyndstar 
(Photo by Derek Glas) 

Southern California dogs dominated the four days with the Boxer from Woodcrest CA, GCH CH R and G’s Mystical Dancer, taking the first two days.  At Friday‘s STKC opener, Danny and breeder/owner/handler Kimberly Steele-Gamero joined the Brittany, GCH CH Britt’s Ramblin The Perfect Cut, the Bloodhound, GCH CH Quiet Creek’s Kiss and Tell, the Irish Terrier, GCH CH Rockledge McCallen Of Meath, the Chinese Crested, GCH CH Dejavu I Want A Talk About Me, the French Bulldog, GCH CH Lebull’s New Hope Wooly Bully, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, GCH CH Coventry Allure At Wyndstar, in Dr Robert Smith’s final.  Reserve to Danny was the Corgi, Allie.  

GCH CH Endeavors White Roses On Nysa Hill

Danny would be the only of Friday’s finalists to make it back to Patricia Nemirovvsky De Alsina’s final at Saturday’s STKC redux.  The newcomers were the English Setter, GCH CH Oakley’s B’Dazzled, the Whippet, GCH CH Endeavors White Roses On Nysa Hill, the Scottish Terrier, GCH CH Friendship Hill Stars And Stripes, the Pomeranian, GCH CH CR Chase What Matters, the Standard Poodle, CH Sweet O'Grady Anabel's Annie, and the Canaan Dog, GCH CH Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara.   

The Whippet, Sofi Rose, would take the runner up spot.  Danny started out the year with a strong performance at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs and has worked his way up to Number Nine Dog All Breeds with 15 BIS this year, nine of which have come in the last two months.  We wouldn’t be surprised to see Danny climb a lot higher in the rankings before the year is out.  

For a detailed looks at the Sierra-Tuolumne Kennel Club finalists see Christi McDonald’s Fancy That column on Best In Show Daily.  

GCH CH Oakley’s B’Dazzled 

The KCS took over on Sunday and put Stephen Hubbell in the final ring with Danny and the previously seen English Setter, Bloodhound, Irish Terrier, Pom, & Frenchie.  Making his first final appearance was the German Shepherd Dog, GCH CH Lakota's Hitman Of Cantar.  Danny would get the RBIS and the BIS would go to the English Setter, Dazzle.  

Dazzle has been among the top dogs this year since the first weekend of the year when she went BIS at the huge Palm Springs show.   Dazzle’s ninth BIS of the year is her third in the last two weekends.   

GCH CH Quite Creek’s Kiss and Tell  
(Photo Courtesy of Infocusbymiguel)

At the KCS closer on Monday Dazzle would watch her kennel mate, the Bloodhound, Kissy, take home the BIS.  Barbara O’Neill’s RBIS was the Alaskan Malamute, GCH CH Catanya’s Latin Lover.  Also staying for last call were the now familiar Irish Terrier, French Bulldog, & Corgi, and the Japanese Chin, GCH CH Nisyros Al Pachino.  

GCH CH Catanya’s Latin Lover  
(Photo by Jill Wagner)

Kissy has been the nation’s Number One Bloodhound for the last two years and has four BIS and 23 Hound Groups to her credit so far in 2012.


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