Tuesday, January 31, 2012


GCH CH Xeralane’s On With The Music

We have the last of last weekend’s results for you, from the frozen north, Anchorage AK, we hear that Lenora Riddle’s BIS at Saturday’s Kenai Kennel Club show was the Shih Tzu, GCH CH Xeralane’s On With The Music.  Joining Owen in the final ring were the Irish Setter, CH Willowbrook at Harvard, the Whippet, CH Karasar’s Rememberence, the Tibetan Mastiff, GCH CH Dreamcatcher Major Victory of Loki, the Colored Bull Terrier, CH Magor The Minotaur from Stonebull, the Boston Terrier, CH Heavenly Sanglo’s Spamonte, and the GCH CH Quiche’s Intrepid Captain Sully.It’s the first BIS for Owen.  Congratulations to breeders/owners Xeralane Kennels.

GCH CH Quiche’s Intrepid Captain Sully

Sunday the Alaska Kennel Club took over and Carl Anderson chose his Best of the above named Whippet, TM, Shih Tzu, & Bouvier, the Brittany, Copley’s Last Call Martini, the American Staffordshire Terrier, LBK’s Hot Pursuit, and the Lhasa Apso, Xeralane’s Rock Around The Clock.  He chose the Bouvier, Sully as his Best.  

Another first timer, three year old Sully was bred by Louise Paquette and is owned by Stephen Bowerman & Emmy Leah Raye Herring.  Congratulations to them all.


  1. I saw the Bouvier in the photo at the show when he won the BIS. He is a very elegant dog that moves with power and grace and took over the line up that day when he entered the ring. You could tell just from the growds reaction that he was definately the favorite. I thought he had it the day before as well but the judge fooled everyone who was there. I know he was the top Bouvier in Alaska last year and number one herding dog and expect he will surpass that this year as he has really matured in just the past few months.

  2. I want to thank Dog Show Poop for the nice profile of my Bouvier GCH Quiches Intrepid Captain Sully. As well I want to thank everyone who participated in last week ends show here in Alaska. Congratulations to GCH CH Xeralane’s On With The Music for the fantastic win on Saturday and wonderful showing on Sunday. The compitition was awesome all week end long. A special thanks to my groomer Bree Horner as well as to our wonderful Jr Handler Emmy Herring. To often we forget about all the work that goes into a dog that makes us so proud so for me this win was not about us but it was a win for every Alaskan who goes out weekend after weekend with the hope they will be standing at the end. Every person who ever touched our dog during the formative years when we were first starting out has a part in our success and I am sure that goes for every dog who ever enters the ring. Thank you to everyone becuase this was all of our's win.

  3. Emmy like the AwardFebruary 2, 2012 at 7:01 PM

    This is a great post! Thank you for such a nice profile. Sully is a wonderful Bouvier and as Judge Carl Anderson said, "He has the nicest coat I've ever seen on a Bouvier." Much of this condition is due to Steve as an owner and Bri Horner as a groomer. They both keep him in excellent condition.
    It was an honor to be able to go into the Best in Show ring twice in one weekend with such a wonderful dog, and walk out successful on one of those occasions. Thank you again for the post!
    Sully's Co-owner and Handler- Emmylea Raye Herring