Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve
Near Santa Rosa CA

As summer winds down, the dog show action heats up with multiple show venues in multiple parts of the US this week.

New Englanders will be in West Springfield MA starting Thursday for a four day set with the Northwestern Connecticut Dog Club, the Elm City Kennel Club, the Newtown Kennel Club, & the Great Barrington Kennel Club.    Our other Northeast option is Middleburg PA where the Mid Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club will host two.  We have a major offering here in the Deep South where the Griffin Georgia Kennel Club, the Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club Of Georgia, the Lawrenceville Kennel Club, & the Conyers Kennel Club Of Georgia, will gather for four days in Atlanta GA. 

Midwesterners have a full schedule with three starting Friday in Chagrin Falls OH courtesy of the Sugarbush Kennel Club & the Western Reserve Kennel Club, two in St Charles IL with the Elgin Kennel Club, & two in Lake Elmo MN hosted by the St Croix Valley Kennel Club, augmented by the North Star Herding Group Club & the Northstar Working Group Association limited breed shows on Friday & Monday.  Many of our top dogs are still in Topeka KS where the Manhattan Kansas Kennel Club & the Topeka Kennel Club have four shows starting Thursday. 

We have a full contingent of West Coast shows this week with the Simi Valley Kennel Club‘s, the Santa Barbara Kennel Club‘s, & Conejo Kennel Club’s four all breed shows beginning Friday in Santa Barbara CA.  North of San Francisco the Mensona Kennel Club will give us two in Santa Rosa CA.  Finally, the All Terrier Club Of Western Washington & the Mount Rainier Working Dog Club will each do two shows on Friday & Saturday prior to the Sammamish Kennel Club’s all breed show on Sunday in Redmond WA.

That’s 28 chances to see an AKC all breed show this week in one of ten locations.  There’s not much summer left.  What are you waiting for?


  1. Lakes Region KC obedience and rally trials for us this weekend, but we'll miss the fun at the Big E.

  2. There are millions of homeless dogs out there that need your help. I'd like to see you blog about the ways dog lovers can help these dogs in need as most will be put down. The money spent on dog shows and expanding pure breeds could be used to save millions of lives. Adopt a rescue instead of breeding your dog!

  3. Sniff, sniff, do I smell a troll? or someone with an agenda?

  4. There are lot's of sites that do an excellent job at rescue and other aid for the distressed pet population. I'll stick to what I do well. Personally, I think the efforts of AKC and it's affiliated clubs are more than a match for many of the self promoting animal welfare organizations out there. After all, we pure bred folks have the most to lose from this issue.

  5. Much more money is donated to H$U$/PETA and other anti-animal owning lobbying organizations that is ever spent on dog shows. Where is that money used? To prevent the irreverant dumping of animals as so much waste when people get tired of them? to work on laws to prevent discrimination by property owners? to put on low cost/no cost companion dog training in your communities? No, it's used to lobby against breeders. If good breeders are legislated out breeding where will dogs come from? The shelters? No. overseas, underground breeders, etc. Don't fight GOOD breeders since our dogs NEVER end up, or get left in shelters. Educate the public about WHERE to get a dog, how to train the dog, how to KEEP the dog and make dog ownership a success