Wednesday, June 8, 2011


One of the things we love about the dog game is that the people are as varied as the breeds we have in AKC.  We gave up long ago trying to understand every behavior we encounter at a show.  We just pay our entry, go to the show, and enjoy the people and dogs.  However, we are curious about the evolution of this weekend’s shows in Yorktown Heights NY and Greenwich CT. 

Riddle me this, Batman…Why would an exhibitor want to drive to Yorktown Heights NY for Thursday and Friday’s Taconic Hills Kennel Club shows, unload the SUV, set up, show,  tear down everything, load up the SUV, & drive 30 miles down to Greenwich CT for the Greenwich Kennel Club’s Saturday show, unload the SUV, set up, show, tear down everything, load up the SUV, & drive 30 miles back to Yorktown Heights for the Longshore-Southport Kennel Club’s Sunday event?   Entries aren’t bad for these shows, especially in these economically strapped times, but we wonder if their entries might have been even larger had all four shows been at one site.

Sites where you can get four shows and not have to spend half of your weekend loading & unloading the SUV include Lake Charles LA where the Calcasieu Kennel Club & the Acadiana Kennel Club entertain you Thursday through Sunday.  You can do the same in Vallejo CA at the very accessible Solano County Fairgrounds, across the street from the Six Flags theme Park.  Thank the Lake County Kennel Club Of Northern California & the Contra Costa County Kennel Club for being exhibitor friendly.

For those of you who are still employed there are traditional, two day venues aplenty.  In the Mid Atlantic there are the Skyline Kennel Club’s two shows in Fishersville VA and the Asheville Kennel Club two in Fletcher NC.  Over in Kentuckyyou can take in the hometown Paducah Kennel Cub’s duo.

Up in the Great Lakes States there are doubles in Canton Oh with the McKinley Kennel Club, in Mount Pleasant MI with the Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel Club, in Wheaton IL with the Wheaton Kennel Club, and in Jordan MN with the Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club.

In addition to the aforementioned shows in Vallejo CA, there are Saturday/Sunday offerings out west in Colorado Springs CO courtesy of the hometown Colorado Springs Kennel Club, in Flagstaff AZ with the Flagstaff Kennel Club, and in Puyallup WA with the Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers & the Tacoma Kennel Club.

It’s going to be a great week for dog shows, so visit your local show.  You will be glad you did.


  1. The same thing has happened at the upcoming Bainbridge New York shows. I understand the clubs got in a disagreement and one club left and moved to their own site. This is so not exhibitor friendly. I won't be attending, Too much work and gasexpenses, especially in this heatwave

  2. I'll do the first 3 days in Bainbridge, but I'm not packing up the RV and moving for the Sunday show. Hopefully they'll all bury the hatchet before next year.

  3. Greenwich and Longshore-Southport used to share a site (at a community college and have shows on Sat and Sun. I think Taconic only had the Friday show, but have now expanded to two days and Longshore Southport moved to NY state. The state park is a difficult site as well.