Tuesday, February 15, 2011


2011 Westminster Kennel Club BIS
GCH CH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind

We have been following Westminster Kennel Club shows for a long time.  When other children were taking their allowance to the corner store and buying Marvel Comics, we were buying Dog Worlds.  One of our earliest memories of Westminster was a photo in Dog World of 1960 BIS winner, the Pekingese, CH Chik T'Sun of Caversham, with handler Clara Alford.  The only dog show trophy we still have is the bronze medallion we got for winning our class in 1976 at the 100th anniversary show.   We tell you all that to establish that we are very much emotionally invested in the Westminster Kennel Club show, so you might better appreciate it when we say, this was one of the most satisfying Westminsters in our memory.

We were delighted that there was such an international presence at this year’s show.  Not only were several of the judges from outside the US, several of the breed winners were imports.  In the end, Best In Show judge, Italian Paolo Dondina had one of the most challenging lineups in memory.  They were:

The Black Cocker Spaniel
GCH CH Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction

The Scottish Deerhound
GCH CH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind

The Portuguese Water Dog
GCH CH Aviator’s Luck Be A Lady

The Smooth Fox Terrier
GCH CH Slyfox Sneaks A Peek

The Pekingese
GCH CH PalaceGarden Malachy

The Chinese Shar-Pei
GCH CH Vaje’s Miss Jayne Hathaway

The Bearded Collie
GCH CH Tolkien Raintree Mister Baggins

Four of the seven finalists were among the Top Ten Dogs All Breeds in 2010.  Two of the seven finalists were the top winning dog in their breeds’ histories.  All were at the top of their game.  During the last two days, fanciers were treated to a parade of perfectly groomed, perfectly handled dogs.  Tonight our BIS winner, the Deerhound, Hickory, emerged looking, as judge Dondina put it, “…looking like the 150 year old standard.” 

It was to be Hickory’s last show, win or lose.  In the BIS ring, she exhibited the alert awareness of the most royal of sight hounds, moving freely around the ring.  It was impossible to know if she never put a foot wrong because of the expert handling of Angela Lloyd or if it was simply Hickory’s way doing things.

Hickory is a Westminster veteran, taking home a Hound Group Three in 2010.  She would go on to win 10 BIS and 57 Hound Group top prizes in 2010 in an abbreviated season.  Hickory was bred and is owned by Cecilia L Dove & Dr R Scott Dove, is co-owned by Sally Sweatt.  Our congratulations to Team Hickory and our thanks to them all for sharing this magnificent girl with us this past year.


  1. Your description of 2011 WKC IS PERFECT. The line up was exquisite as was Team Hickory and all of the other group winners. Congratulations to all.

  2. Congratulations to Hickory! I had her on my "favorites" list before Westminster and wasn't surprised to see her take the group and was absolutely thrilled to see BIS go to a dog who just owned it out there.

    When Hickory took it all I jumped with joy! It's so nice to see BIS go to a truly amazing dog. Hickory is everything a scottish deerhound should be, and more. She caught everyone's eye from the start, and OH did she ROCK her gait- not so much as a toenail stepped out of place, as she appeared to just float collectively across the floor. Her expression was so intense, yet calm and content. Her handler was impeccable as well- helping to highlight each of Hickory's perfections in every way, and keeping a steady pace alongside the dog's incredible gait.

    The lineup of dogs for BIS this year was amazing- each dog simply the best example of his/her breed, and each showed beautifully, but I am pleased with the choice of this years winner, and although the group winners were all just wonderful, Hickory was simply Westminster's shining star!!

  3. what a fanatastic and honest win. Angela showed grace and composure and her lovely dog exuded the breed type to perfection. Congratulations!!!

  4. An amazing win for an amazing team!

  5. After all the predictions about who would win Best, the deerhound's victory was a pleasant surprise! Hickory is a beautiful and regal representative of the breed with a wonderful disposition. I've competed in the hound group with her, and win or lose, Angela is always a class act. Congratulations to all involved with this amazing dog for the win of a lifetime!

  6. I am glad that Angela and Hickory won.She is a class act.

    Its sad that a few people whose egos where smashed (when they lost or think they are better than everone else)have to ruin the sport for everyone else.

  7. I couldn't agree more with the ridiculousness of the petty bickering, rumors, innuendo and bashing. My hat is off to Angela and the whole Hickory team. It truly was sad that once again so many people focused on negative back and forth and rumors with this years show. I thought there was plenty of suprises and plenty of great dogs. I know many were claiming of foul play all along and a weak best in show class etc but come on lets not ignore the facts/records of these dogs. Baggins was the #1 Herding. Beckam was the #2 Sporting dog I believe correct? The Peke #2 dogs ALL BREEDS correct? The smooth the #2 Terrier. The Portuguese #3 Working correct? Shar-Pei #8. And Even Hickory was the #5 in her group in points.

    This was a GREAT lineup of dogs lets not take anything away from these winners.
    And for those who shot down the smooth because the #1 All Breed Dodger (Congrats again on the #1 as Amy does an excellent job and they truly worked hard and deserved that honor, Malachy team deserves credit too) opted not to show lets not hold this against the "other" smooth either. I will not take anything away from a dog who beat those he was up against, you cant win if you dont compete.
    And for all of those who commented negatively upon surprise winners like the Shar-Pei lets remember judging is subjective and perhaps something was seen that won this judge over on this particular day.
    These dogs are all on such an equal footing that one can literally top another on any given show day. Heck the battle between the Malachy and Dodger showed just that on a full fledged all breed scale, they went back and forth non-stop. The Battles between Dodger and Adam showed it even on an individual breed level. Adam may have won that battle at more publicized Westminster, Eukanuba Invitational, Montgomery County events BUT Dodger was able to win shows all over the country all year and take home the coveted title of Number One All Breeds.

    These dogs are all magnificent and can surely compete with anyone on any day. Yesterday was Hickory's and congrats to Hickory and the whole group behind Angela and Hickory!!!

  8. Hickory, her breeders, owners, and her handler all have my utmost respect.

    What a beautiful dog. She represents everything that breed is suppose to be so gracefully. I cannot imagine a better, more deserving winner.

    I find it terribly disheartening for there to have been so much mudslinging and negativity surrounding this show. Particularly with talk of unfair, corrupt judging. I hope everyone involved in that will take this as a lesson to be mindful of what you say and not believe everything you hear.

    Hickory was certainly the best surprise there could have been! What an amazing Westminster year

  9. I was thrilled to be at my first Garden! After 35 years, it was truly an adventure. BUT - I can't find anyone who can tell me what happened - why was the Tibetan Mastiff NOT represented in Group???