Wednesday, August 18, 2010


GCH CH Starline’s Chanel

The top seven dogs in the US were all in Greensboro NC for today’s Danville Kennel Club show and five of them made it to Debra Thorton’s BIS ring.  Her final seven were the Black Cocker Spaniel, GCH CH Casablanca‘s Thrilling Seduction, the Whippet, GCH CH Starline’s Chanel, the Boxer, GCH CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream, the Smooth Fox Terrier, GCH CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, the Pekingese, CH PalaceGarden Malachy, the Keeshond, CH Karolina Bonnyvale Meant To Be, and the Briard, CH Majestique Braveheart.   The Irish Setter, GCH CH Shadagee Caught Red Handed, finished the first day with a Sporting Group Three and the Standard Poodle, GCH CH Dawin Spitfire, left a very tough Non-Sporting Group without a ribbon. 

The winner of today’s Top Seven Smackdown was the nation’s Number Seven Dog All Breeds, the Whippet, Chanel.  Cha Cha and handler Lori Wilson take home career BIS number 22 after what has to be one of their toughest line ups.  The fun continues with the DKC tomorrow on day two of five in Greensboro.


  1. I thought dogshow poop was about letting people know who won. I find it very rude that you find it necessary to announce, in a mocking fashion, that the irish setter and standard poodle had an unsuccessful day. Would you write anything about the smooth fox terrier, Dodger, when he walks out of the ring with anything other then a blue ribbon?? I doubt so. The favoritism is undeniably eminent.

  2. People following the top dogs want to know how they finished today (even if they walked). The headline of this post says they were all there...if he didn't post ALL of their results then he'd have a zillion comments asking for follow up details. I reread this several times and see no evidence of mockery...and believe me, I am completely neutral here as I know NONE of the top seven dogs/owners/handlers and I don't know the owner of this blog. I'm just here reading the news on my favorite sport!
    Lighten up!!

  3. I totally agree!

  4. There was nothing mocking in my post. I simply report the results. People want to know who did what, BIS, Group win, BOB, or other. This is a very special show with so many of the top dogs in competition. I suspect that Emily and Jetta will see their share of wins this week and I will be letting everyone know how the top seven are doing. Besides since when is a BOB win not an win to be proud of?

  5. I find it rude that someone would bring up Dodger in a post about Chanel. Billy clearly did not show any favoritism he was just telling who won what. I think alot of people have some kind of chip on their shoulders about the smooth fox. Even when he is defeted they still seem to have a problem with him. Can anyone explain this to me? And let me add CONGRATES TO CHANEL!!! After all should that not be who we are talking about here.

  6. To “Anonymous“ who wrote, “ Would you write anything about the smooth fox terrier (sic), Dodger, when he walks out of the ring with anything other then a blue ribbon?? I doubt so. The favoritism is undeniably eminent (sic).“ you are invited to read my post of Feb 4, 2010, BULLDOG BACK2BACK BIS ON THE BOARDWALK, in which I mentioned Dodger was bested in the Breed, news because it was so rare.

  7. There is another source to find out who placed, but to single out Emily and Jetta seems a bit specific....

  8. IMO Billy tries to report the shows and extra comments are included to keep things interesting. We all can favor different dogs and still enjoy the other beautiful dogs. When I found out Emily went Gr. III today, sure I was a bit disappointed, but I think the Whippet is beautiful, too, and I am happy for her people. (She just wants steak.) Maybe that's not how I am supposed to play the game, but I prefer to play my way and try to keep it fun. And, I will sign my post. Flame away, Nancy Conner

  9. I don't usually comment here, but I agree with whoever said lighten up! The story said top seven dogs were in Greenville, so Billy was just reporting on how they did. The past few weeks saw a lot of the top dogs competing together at the same shows. It's fun to be included with such wonderful competition and how lucky for the other exibitors to get to see them all in one place. Rest assured, the other dogs will have many more wins. While my dog, and all the others mentioned have had many wonderful wins, we have also had disappointing days, but usually losing to other great dogs. That was the case today. The groups were very strong here and there is no shame for any of the dogs that did not have big wins here today. Not only were the top 7 dogs here, there were MANY other top 20 ranked dogs here as well.
    Congrats to all. and Can I say, one more time, relax. We are all here doing the same thing. Enjoying beautiful dogs.
    I for one am very proud to stand among them, win or lose.
    Enjoy the posts and the news! That is all Billy is trying to do here. I have to add one more detail. Chanel did break the BIS record for whippet bitches that has been standing for almost 70 years!
    Congrats and good luck to all

  10. Congratulations to Lori, and the Lawrences.
    Super win, keep it going!

  11. I agree with Anonymous. Why do people have a chip in their shoulder about DODGER? He is a GREAT smooth with a GREAT handler. Dog shows are fast becoming the sport for some very POOR sports. Maybe instead of sitting around complaining they should be out road working dogs and working towards the #1spot so THEY can be bashed EVERY weekend.

  12. Here, here! Reading Billy's post is almost as good as being there! I like to know who wins and who loses, as I am sure most do.....RW

  13. Now, now, I think someone is being a little too sensitive, as I think it is awesome and fun competition to have the top 7 dogs all competing at the same show. When do you ever see that, except for maybe Westminster, and obviously they all can't win, some of them are even in the same group. That is the kind of competition I personally would enjoy to watch, and even more so, love to compete in. I don't see any mocking or favoritism, as the results are just the facts, and just like any day at the dog show, it is just one judge's opinion. No matter how successful a dog is, we have all seen some losses as well, and that's what makes the dog show world go round.
    Congrats to today's winners and Chanel for breaking the bitch record. Good luck to all as they start over again tomorrow, it will be fun to hear the results with that quality of competition. Clint Livingston

  14. Once again , it seems as if the trolls are coming out. While most of us read this blog to see who is winning where, we pretty much want to know what happened regardless whether our favorites get a ribbon or not!!! How anyone can conceive this report as rude and mocking is amazing to me!!!!!!
    You people need to lighten up and get a life.
    Also have enough substance in your remarks to OWN them instead of being ANONYMOUS!
    THANK YOU Nancy for owning yours , Good Luck to Emily , Chanel , Jetta and all the rest of the contenders.
    Owning my remarks, Dottie James

  15. Since some of these posts where not up when I posted , I would like to say THANK YOU to Ron , Clint , Annebly , & Lori for owning their posts!! THANKS again to Billy for this blog.
    And in my opinion those of you who feel it is biased or mocking , you don't have to read it and can always wait until Monday or Tuesday to go to the AKC site for results!!
    Dottie James

  16. I love reading this Blog and have my own favorite (bulldog, go Razzle Dazzle!) for whom I cheer every time she wins. When she loses I like to see what the line up was and who is doing the biggest winning. Billy's reports are informative, accurate, interesting and above all FAIR! I see no bias in his writings and I think the first "Anonymous" writer to this post should sit back, have a dog biscuit, wag his/her tail a few thousand times and find something constructive to do with his/her spare time. Keep on writing Billy. I check your blog daily and learn a lot every time. Long live Razzle Dazzle!

  17. I thought this blog was about who won a particular day.Maybe I was wrong.Its amazing on how man people still display junior high behavior even though they have been adults for some while.

    All I can say to the trolls if you don't like what is being said on this blog why don't you start one of your own.

  18. I am very new to dog showing and have had the pleasure of seeing some of the top dogs in the ring. I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog not only for the winners but also the insight you get about the shows. If I wanted just the results, I know I could go elsewhere.
    The criticism of this blog seems rather misplaced - one would assume that you read someone's blog because you like what they write and if you don't, find another source.
    Keep up the great posts!!!
    Congrats to all the winners - and to me they are all winners even if they don't take home the big ribbon.

  19. Altnamara Scottish Deerhounds and WhippetsAugust 19, 2010 at 3:13 PM

    Congratulations to Team Cha Cha!

  20. Clint livingston explained it perfectly without going after anyone.This man has more class and style in his pinky finger on his left hand than any of the trolls have in their whole body.The trolls could learn something from him.

  21. Billy, I consistently read your blog, and I love it. You do a wonderful job! Thanks for taking the time to write it. This is a sport, there are winners and losers, although sometimes when I read some of the troll comments I am struck that this sounds more like the sport of figure skating--to the Tanya Hardings out there writing nasty comments--someone worked hard, trained hard and had a good day--good for them. Julie

  22. First off, Billy, you do a top notch job on this blog!! Thanks you for
    taking the time and trouble to do it. The heck with the trolls!!!!
    Next, congratulations to Lori and ChaCha. We have known Lori since
    we started showing pekes, and she has always been a top handler.
    I am sure she is thrilled with this win!!! Lastly, I agree with the remarks
    made about Clint L. He has always been someone in the dog show world
    that I admire. Now, let's forget about the trolls and enjoy the rest of
    the news Billy will have for us this week end!!
    DeAnn Ulmer