Friday, February 5, 2010


The nation‘s capitol may be facing Snowmageddon, but the exhibitors in Phoenix are looking forward to four day’s of Arizona sunshine. The Sahuaro State Kennel Club opened the set today in Phoenix with Michelle Billings doing the first final.

CH Duba Dae‘s Who‘s Your Daddy

She had her choice of the Labrador Retriever, CH Salty Dog Of Tampa Bay, the Whippet, CH Starline Chanel, the Boxer, CH Duba Dae‘s Who‘s Your Daddy, the Wire Fox Terrier, CH Purston Spitfire Of Foxxfyre, the Affenpinscher, CH Tamarin Tug, the Standard Poodle, CH Penndragon Masaniello, and the German Shepherd Dog, CH Enchanted's American Thunder.

Her Best was the Boxer, Bosco. Bosco and handler Wendy Bettis will go into the Garden as the number one Working Dog in the US a top five dog all breeds.


  1. The Labrador was Correy Krickeberg's from last year and the German shepherd was handled by Clint Livingston.

  2. The Wire was handled by Wood Wornall - CH. Purston Spitfire of Foxfire. Not certain if I have the spelling right...a very nice dog that won the Northern CA Terrier Assn specialty a couple of years ago.