Saturday, January 16, 2010

$$$$ NOT !!!!

We’ve already had a few responses to our RATE THE SHOW forum. The one thing we can pass along is the Palm Springs Kennel Club shows got rave reviews. We will give you more detail in the future, but here’s something we want to pass along now.

Lesley Hiltz, of Starbuck Tobay Beagles, told us about a great way for clubs to gain the support of their local communities. Here are the details from Marcie Dobkin, Sand To Sea Non Sporting Association of Southern California:
This weekend at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs show cluster, we handed out thousands of bright yellow stickers to EVERYONE, exhibitors, judges, spectators (especially kids), vendors, site crew, etc. that said "I'm here for the DOG SHOWS!" so that when they wore them out into the community, all the businesses ( restaurants, gas stations, 7-11s, Starbucks hotels, grocery stores, etc. ) realized how much MONEY is generated by the local dog shows. I just walked around the grounds and stuck them on everyone I saw. Easy, don't damage clothing and people forget they're on so they leave them on. Legislators speak DOLLARS not dogs.... When the local businesses notice how much income ( and tax dollars ) is made from the dog shows they will help fight anti dog legislation. They were a big hit in Indio, one local fast food restaurant actually started giving 10% discounts for patrons wearing stickers. AKC loved the idea, too! Lets spread this easy way to support dog shows and fight anti dog legislation at all shows, especially those in small communities.... This also spread the word about the shows in town, brought in lots of spectators who saw the stickers and asked what they were all about. The stickers were bought on line from one of the "promotional" products websites. There are tons of them out there so find the one that works for your club. We got 25,000 for about $500. Palm Springs is a huge show and you may not need so many, but since they aren't dated or club specific you can share them with other clubs or save for next year to save costs...
Now how easy is that? We spent two years of our professional life working as a congressional liaison and have worked on dozens of legislative issues. Without equivocation, we can tell you that your elected/appointed officials will listen to the economic argument every time. Even in this time where shouting is often mistaken for conversation, we think dollar signs trump exclamation points in any debate. Bravo to Marcie and all those who came up with this idea.


  1. That was a fantastic idea and everyone was wearing their stickers. It also seemed to make it easier for spectators to feel free to ask questions of those wearing the stickers, because they knew who was there for the shows.
    Palm Springs is my favorite show of the year.

  2. What a brilliant idea, every kennel club needs to adopt this idea asap!

  3. Where can we get those stickers!!! Seriously, we want to order them.
    Carol Beasley