Friday, November 27, 2009


This week is one of those abbreviated show weeks. Even hardcore dog show folks normally take a break to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with their non-fancier relatives and friends. While many will be lined up at the mall or your local electronics super store today, true doggy folk will head for the show grounds.

Forsyth Park Fountain in Savannah Georgia

This week we have but two four show sites, on opposite sides of the country. The first is in one of my favorite southern cities. No place evokes graciousness more than Savannah, Georgia. Even if you are not a fan of Paula Deen or Johnny Mercer (and you should be) you will love Savannah. The Beaufort & Savannah Kennel Clubs will be set up Friday through Monday. The second city giving us four days of shows is Yuma, Arizona. The quintessential old west town is good for your allergies and you Tequila habit. Also running Friday through Monday, the Yuma & Imperial Valley Kennel Clubs are hosting.

Yuma Arizona Wildflowers

Our five remaining shows are all Saturday/Sunday offerings evenly distributed across the country, from Fitchburg MA (the Worcester County Kennel Club) to Arcadia FL (the Greater Venice Florida Dog Club) to East Lansing MI (the Ingham County Kennel Club) to Kankakee IL (the Kankakee River Valley Kennel Club) to Conroe TX (the Conroe Kennel Club).

So while some may want to spend the weekend looking for a battery operated hamster (ask you nephew) or a discounted flat screen TV, true believers will be out there enjoying the sublime beauty AKC purebred dogs.


  1. Fie on Black Friday!!!!!I've always done all my shopping at the Cleveland shows, but this year we're in California, and I don't know how much I can take on the plane!!!!

  2. Yuma results
    bis- boxer- who's your daddy
    sport- golden- treasure island
    hound- PBGV- Ebeneezer
    terrier-gabriel's Lakeland over his Scottie
    toy-pap-ears to you
    n/s- dal- Martin cabral's
    herd- sheltie- ??blue bitch