Monday, June 8, 2009


We know we normally wait until Wednesday to give you coming attractions, but we need to give you a heads up on a kind of cluster beginning tomorrow.

Blackfoot ID

There are six shows coming up in Idaho this week. We know, if you ever were going to be enticed to go to a place more know for white supremacists than dog shows, this is the week. The Snake River Valley Canyon Kennel Club Of Idaho kicks it off tomorrow with two shows in Filer, then the action moves 150 miles to the east where the Eagle Rock and Pocatello Kennel Club will team up for four more shows.

We have already heard that there will be some heavy competition on the circuit. So if you want to take in some glorious landscapes and see some spectacular dogs, consider a family trip to Idaho. And that white supremacists thing, just in TV movies.


  1. As a resident of Idaho, I don't appreciate your White Supremacist joke!