Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Dog shows, like most hobbies, these days have now diversified to serve multiple levels of participants. No longer must we be weekend warriors and make do with the Saturday/Sunday fare enlivened by the occasional national holiday. These days more consumed exhibitors can pack up the RV and travel, gypsy-like, from locale to locale sampling shows almost any day of the week.

Exhibitors Traveling to Another Five Day Cluster

So if you ever aspired to run away with the circus, try the five day stand in Ohio starting tomorrow in Lebanon. The Warren County Kennel Club Of Ohio will be there for two days after which the Dayton, Lima, & Sandusky Kennel Clubs will stage three shows in Lima.

Early Americans Planning Dog Shows

There are four day stops in no less than five locations this week. A quartet of Kennel Clubs with native American names (Del-otse-nango, Kanadasaga, Susque-nango, & Chenango) pitch camp Thursday in the Anglo named Bainbridge NY. Similar celebration of the merger of indigenous peoples and the British empire kicks off Friday in Wrentham MA hosted by the Hockamock & Wampanoag Kennel Clubs.

Oklahoma City

Also starting Thursday are four day events in Hattiesburg MS (Greater Hattiesburg & Meri-Miss Kennel Clubs) and Oklahoma City OK (Oklahoma City & Mid-Del-Tinker Kennel Clubs). In Bel Alton MD the Southern Maryland & Rock Creek Kennel Clubs will leave the gate on Friday.

Continental Divide At Loveland Colorado

There is only one three day offering this weekend but you will need the extra day to get to Anchorage for the Alaska Kennel Club’s trio of shows starting Friday. There are traditional two days events in Vandergrift PA (Bushy Run Kennel Club), Loveland CO (Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club), Redmond OR ( Mount Bachleor Kennel Club), and Ferndale Kennel Club (Lost Coast Kennel Club Of California).

So whether you are a full time exhibitor, weekend enthusiast, or dog loving spectator, you have lots of choices. Don’t forget to take a hat and a cool beverage.


  1. As one who is descended from Native people of this country, the above picture isnt funny at all. I can assure you the european devils were infact NOT planning anything other than the demise and death of the native people they encountered. Some may find this humorous, but I for one do not.

  2. I am half Native American (Chocktaw on my mother's side and Cherokee on my father's side) The photo and comments are meant to be ironic, not humorous.

  3. Poor taste nonetheless, ironic or not

  4. The show in Loveland is put on by the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club, not Bickhorn.