Saturday, May 23, 2009


We must have lost our senses to promise our readers regional rankings. The maintenance of same has become an incredible task.

Nonetheless, we do admit that we take a great deal of pleasure in getting to know some of the dogs that like to stay close to home. It’s a bit like being able to attend shows in every part of the US. Therefore we are proud to announce that we have updated our regional rankings. We encourage readers to browse through you region (or all the regions) and let us know if we have the right photo with the dog and the right call name with the dog.

You will notice that several of the more heavily campaigned dogs appear in more than one region top ten. Because the reason we established the regional rankings was to recognize more of the spectacular dogs being campaigned in the US, we have decided that we will only recognize a dog in one region, the region in which he/she has amassed the most points. However, in tabulating our national top ten, we will count points from all regions. We will institute this change in our next update.

So review our rankings and enjoy some bragging rights courtesy of Dog Show Poop.


  1. Billy,
    You have Vigilante Justice listed TWICE in Southeast rankings????

  2. Billy,
    You have Vigilante Justice listed TWICE in SE rankings.

  3. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. We have corrected the error.