Thursday, May 28, 2009



While our main purpose is to report on events in the dog show world, we occasionally stumble across dog products that we think are worth a mention. A lot of us spend hundreds of hours researching pedigrees, make dozens of phone calls to stud dog owners, and put out a lot of money to get a bitch bred. If you have had breedings that did not take, you know the frustration.

Recently a reader told us about NOVOSTICKS, an easy to use test strip that takes the guess work out of breeding. They are a European invention and are now available in the US. You can read more about them at the NOVODOG USA site.


  1. has anyone heard of anyone who has tried this and have testimonies of results?

  2. I've heard of similar products being a waste of money

  3. case studies of ng/ml progesterone values when compared to Novostick color change were accurate(or lack thereof) My bitch is pregnant where I missed her last heat cycle, they work and next time I will save the $$$$ for testing at the vet while saving an hour's travel each way to the vet...will also save stress on my bitch who hates the car.Springer bitch was ready on day 14, probably was too early last time
    Satisfied customer here, don't be so negative, try them you just might like the result