Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We love family gatherings, but we are inevitably left exhausted and susceptible to every little bug that threatens one’s health. No sooner had we put the son and his family on a plane back to California than we came down with a nasty cold. There were those prophets of doom that insisted it was the Swine Flu. The closest we’ve ever come to Swine Flu was a nasty upset stomach after ingesting one too many barbeque sandwiches and one too many beers.

Billy & Brenda Wheeler

If we are going the succumb to any animal borne illness, we insist that it be canine related, the most likely being a head injury after the wife has found out we bought another dog. Enough of the elderly indulgence of discussing one’s health. We have dog shows coming up this weekend. The first we call to your attention is a quartet of shows in Jackson TN starting tomorrow, courtesy of the Clarksville Kennel Club and the Jackson Dog Fanciers Association. Jackson is practically in our backyard and we will be on hand Friday to enjoy what we understand will be a very competitive collection of dogs. If you see a short, fat guy in the company of a tall, slender blond, that will be us with the wife. Do stop and say Hi.

There are also foursomes In Marietta OH and Biloxi MS. If you can’t get away until Friday (like us) there are triads in Cortez CO and three shows on Long Island NY (two in Oyster Bay, then Sunday in Bethpage). However, if you are a staunch supporter of tradition and believe a dog show weekend should only be one show on Saturday and one show on Sunday, you are in the majority for there will be couples only in Scarborough ME, Gray TN, Manassas VA, North Fort Meyers FL, Alexander NY, Flint MI, Greentown IN, Oshkosh WI, Gardner KS, Logan UT, Lynden WA, Vallejo CA, and Valley Center CA.

Yes, we do believe that dog shows are more fun in threes and fours. That’s just the way we were brought up. Don’t forget to look for us in Jackson TN on Friday.


  1. Hi, Billy. No Vallejo show this weekend - it is in Gridley. Nope, don't know where that is, but do know it isn't Vallejo :) Marcia

  2. Marcia, I just got off the phone with MBF and they assure me that they do have two all breed shows this weekend at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo CA, courtesy of the Coyote Hills KC. They also have several specialties scheduled at that site for Friday.

    The Gridley shows are next month, 11 & 12 Jun, hosted by the Shasta Kennel Club. Gridley is an hour north of Sacramento on Hwy 99.

  3. One too many beers?