Monday, May 18, 2009


We were able to get you quite a few of the results from the three Region Two sites this weekend, but here’s what we missed. First from our ever tardy friends in Virginia.

CH Hillwood Dassin De-Lovely

Sunday, the Mattaponi Kennel Club asked Dr Robert Indeglia to judge BIS. He made his selction from the English Setter Palisades Silhouette, the Petit Basset Griffons Vendeen, CH Celestial CJ’s Hearts Of Fire, the Rottweiler, CH Blackrocks Kasanova, the Airedale Terrier, CH Stirling Cool Hand Luke, the Pug, CH Nonesuch Annie’s Mainsail , the Standard Poodle, CH Hillwood Dassin De-Lovely, and the Pug, CH Cordmake Field Of Dreams.

BIS went to the country’s number one Non-Sporting Dog, the Standard Poodle, Sissy. This girl does not get out as much as some, but when she does, we are sure to notice.

CH Alpenspirits Lion King

In East Tennessee, nearly 500 miles away from us, the Greater Kingsport KC held their second show of the weekend. The judge was Dr Harry Smith and the finalists were the Labrador Retriever, Saturday’s BIS winner, CH Salty Dog Of Tampa Bay, the Otterhound, CH Poplar Hills Mint Julep, the Bernese Mountain Dog, CH Alpenspirits Lion King, the Wire Fox Terrier, CH Cheviots Aston Martin, the Italian Greyhound, CH Integras Purple Passion, the Lhasa Apso, CH My Thai Ta Sen Halleluiah Chorus, and the Rough Collie, CH Westwood Aladdin.

It was the handsome Bernese, Leo, collecting the top prize, his first. Congratulations to breeder/owner Mylene Turbide, co-breeder Natalie Ellis, and co-owner Dawn Hitchcock. We’ll be right back with Region Three results.


  1. I am pretty sure Yes is the # 1 Non-Sporting dog, not Sissy...

  2. Do we know of a handler for this bernese?

  3. Group rankings are decided by number of groups won. Sissy has won more Non-Sporting Groups than Yes. However, Yes, has more dogs defeated because of her BIS wins.