Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Tomorrow, the family all packs up the car for the six hour drive to Knoxville TN to attend our daughter’s graduation ceremony. The highlight of the ceremony (apart from our daughter receiving her diploma) is a honorary degree for Dolly Parton (in recognition of a life time of work disproving Newton’s laws of gravity).

For the rest of you we have this coming weekend’s dog shows. Starting tomorrow, those of you in the Pacific Northwest and the Deep South can head off to four day doggy festivals. Southerners can visit Perry GA for the Crossroads of Georgia Cluster hosted by the Columbus, Southeast Alabama, and Macon kennel Clubs. West Coast residents can motor on up to Klamath Falls OR for a quartet of shows presented by the Southern Oregon KC and the Klamath Falls DFA.

Easterners can choose between trios of shows in Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Friday and Saturday, the Chester Valley KC will host in Ludwigs Corner. Sunday Lancaster KC will move the crowd to Lebanon. The St Hubert KC will do the Friday/Saturday thing in North Stonington CT and the Windham County KC will follow up Sunday in Woodstock CT.

Midwesterners will have traditional Saturday/Sunday fare in Tallmadge OH where the Ravenna KC holds sway and in Midland MI that city kennel club will be doing the honors. Fiinally, the Scott County KC will present a pair in Rock Island IL.

South Central residents can try either the offerings of the Denton (TX) KC or the Rio Grande KC in Albuquerque NM. While Californians can head up to the Sacramento Valley where the Camellia Capital KC will post a paoir of shows in Woodland CA.

While we won’t be on site at any of these shows, we will be toting the computer with us, so if you have results send them in and we will share them with everyone. Wonder what kind of dog Dolly has?


  1. Congratulations to the proud parents and to your daughter on her graduation! A terrific achievement, a great school and beautiful area!

  2. We're in Perry, GA where Sadie & Gabriel have shown up & made it to the Best in Show ring but the German Shepherd (Shoalcreek?) was Best today! Sorry but I'm not familiar with the other dogs that made--a PWD, Smooth Dacshund, Manchester, Black Cocker (Bracons Leapin Lily),