Saturday, April 11, 2009


2008 Number one Portuguese Water Dog
CH Pouch Cove's Monkey See Monkey Do

We hate to say we told you so (not really, we relish it), but we did tell you this back on on February 2nd, way before anyone else. TMZ is reporting that a purebred, AKC registered, Portuguese Water Dog named Charlie will arrive at the White House Tuesday. Charlie, who will likely be renamed, is from the same line as the PWDs owned by Senator Ted Kennedy. Charlie is being rehomed and, therefore, not quite a shelter dog, meets the politically correct agenda of some.

We hope that the First Family and Charlie will have a long life together and that all Americans will celebrate the joy that comes with a family’s first dog. Come on, you Labradoodle people, don't be haters.


  1. As long as it bites someone important, I'll send him a big steak.

  2. Thank dog it's not going to be a labradoodle!

  3. You let us in on the secret long before TMZ had a clue! How does it feel to have gotten the drop on all the big media? Billy, you are da man when it comes to the inside scoup on the Fancy poop! After all the anticipation, it's so nice to finally meet Bo!