Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We spent the morning taking our daughter to tour the usual monuments and museums in our capital city and now she has permitted me to retreat to my computer in exchange for our Visa Card and directions to the Georgetown shops.

While she shops, we are perusing this week’s shows and have discovered the weekend began today in Raleigh NC where the Tarheel Cluster kicks off a five day weekend. We’re kind of fuzzy about the details, but we do know that this cluster has the special participation of the Professional Handlers Association and that can only mean lots of top dogs in Raleigh. Another major cluster of shows is the four day weekend in Vallejo CA (just up bay from San Francisco) hosted by the Santa Cruz Kennel Club, the Oakland Kennel Club, the Kennel Club Of Salinas, and the San Mateo Kennel Club. You may recall that the last time these four clubs got together the outcome decided a national championship. We can’t promise you that much drama this time, but we do expect that most of the great dogs on the West Coast will be there.

West Coast exhibitors can also choose from two day venues in Bremerton WA or Tucson AZ, while East Coasters can opt for a double in Edison NJ. If you prefer a “T” state try weekends in Fort Worth TX or Franklin TN (near Nashville). You can’t go wrong. They are all AKC dog shows.