Sunday, March 1, 2009


This weekend MoTown went to the dogs, literally, with the Detroit Kennel Club hosting back to back shows. As we told you last night, Judge W. Everett Dean Jr named the Toy Poodle, CH Smash JP Moon Walk, his Best In Show pn Saturday. Walker fellow finalists were the Black Cocker Spaniel, CH Hartline’s True To Bear, the Rhodesiab Ridgeback, CH Spring Valley Gandalf Of PupukeaRidge, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Allure Blazing Star Alisaton, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH JCobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, the Dalmatian, CH Bret D's Sergeant Major, and the Puli, CH Cordmaker Feild Of Dream.

CH Smash JP Moon Walk

Today it was déjà vu all over again, with Judge James Reynolds, seeing all the same dogs in his final save one, the Scottish Deerhound, CH Lehigh Darkwynd Cargh. He, too, would deem the little white guy, Walker, Best In Show. It was the sixth BIS for handler Kaz Hoisaka and Walker. We are feeling pretty good about picking Walker as one of our 2009 DOGS2WATCH.

CH Gentry’s Braveheart

Meanwhile down deep in the heart of Texas, Wichita Falls to be exact, the Faith City Kennel Club held a twofer. Day one saw Judge Col Joe Purkhiser tap the Rough Collie, CH Gentry’s Braveheart, as his Best In Show. Also on hand for consideration were the Brittany, CH Thunder N Lightning, the Norwegian Elkhound, CH Vin-Melca Wells Fargo, the Siberian Husky, CH Antara's Put On The Red Light, the Wire Fox Terrier, CH Topwyre Candy Man, the Papillon, CH Queen Bless JP World Idol, and the Chow Chow, CH Dreamland's Light Up The Sky.

CH Sylvan Argent Simply Irresistible

Suprisingly, Only the Chow Chow would make it back to the final seven on day two. Judge James Noe would see the Chow, the ASCOB Cocker Spaniel, CH K-J's Othello, the Longhaired Dachshund, Ch Rubears Theodore J Brown, the Giant Schnauzer, CH Sonnenschein River Chase, the Lakeland Terrier, CH Hi-Kel Terrydale Soldier Of Fortune, the Chinese Crested, CH Pahlavi Peepin' Tom, and the Rough Collie, CH Sylvan Argent Simply Irresistible. The collie, Sax, made it two for two for the Herding Group, picking up her fourth BIS of 2009.

We’ll be right back with a report from Scottsdale AZ.


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