Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We’ve just returned from the oral surgeon after a double extraction. We offer this information not in a search for sympathy, but as an explanation for drug induced errors that are sure to follow.

CH Cedar C Barnstorm’s L&D Edition

We now have your results from the Clinton Iowa Kennel Club’s double header. Lining up Saturday in Dewitt IA to see BIS judge Loraine Boutwell were the Gordon Setter, CH Firethorn & Sandpiper Easy On The Eyes, the Irish Wolfhound, CH Druick Rock Shellane Skylark JC, the Bullmastiff, CH Royal Allr’s Of Steelsaheart, the Norfolk Terrier, CH Max-Well’s Viper, the Pug, CH Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu, the Tibetan Terrier, CH Cedar C Barnstorm’s L&D Edition, and the Rough Collie, CH Highcroft Bourne Ultimatum.

It was the first BIS this year for the three year old Tibetan Terrier, who finished 2008 at the top of his breed with eight BIS to his credit. Congratulations to breeder/owner Donna Ogden, co-owners, Patricia Bernardo & Mary Lou Laffler, and handler Lynn R Meyer.

CH Max-Well’s Viper

On Sunday he, the Norfolk, and the Pug all tried again with judge Jane Roppolo. She also had the German Wirehaired Point, CH Ripsnorter Mt View Lookout, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, CH Adili’s American Idol, the Samoyed, CH Polar Mist, X-Tasy, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Tim Tam Avante Garde.

The scrappy little Norfolk turned three on Monday and what better way to celebrate a birthday than to win a Best In Show? He is the latest collaboration of handler Susan Kipp & breeder Barbara Miller. Barbara was the 2007 AKC Breeder of the Year and has produced over 100 champion Norfolks including ten BIS winners. Congratulations to Susan and Barbara.


  1. Re Iowa Checks In
    Last time that I looked the Tibetan Terrier standard listed as a fault under coat Sculpturing, scissoring,stripping,or shaving are contrary to breed type and are serious faults. Any reasonable person looking at the photo of the TT BIS winner can see that this dogs coat is obviously scissored(see feet) this apparently escaped the notice of Ms Boutwell, and is why those of us who have been in this breed for as long as I have are totally disenchanted and at a complete loss as to why this issue is not addressed by the AKC reps that attend every AKC sanctioned show and if not available to see the breed judging presumably have some interest in group and BIS.

  2. Actually - having ready the standard - under the section on Feet "..Hair between the toes and pads may be trimmed level with the underside of the pads for health reasons. The dog should stand well down on its pads. "
    Obviously, the underside of the foot has been trimmed.
    Besides, sculpting is a man made fault, and the rest of the dog must be good enough, in the judges opinion, to override that 'fault'

  3. I am sorry but using the breed standard where it details trimming the hair between the dogs pads 'for health reasons' to explain away the obvious scissoring of the BIS Tibetan Terrier pictured above is really stretching it, and is frankly indicative as to why the breed has been destroyed by handlers and ' frustrated wanna be hairdressers.' As far as the the judge overlooking the sculpting of the dogs coat because the fault is man made, that is a point of view that you may want to take up with the committee that revised the standard back in the 80' and the membership that voted to approve that revision. Apparently they had the good foresight even then to see the direction that TT was going and is why they approved language that determined sculpting the TT's coat should be listed as a "Fault" that is contrary to breed type. When one takes into consideration how the TT in 2010 has morphed into nothing more than the 'Generic American Show Dog" my only regret is that the language used was not stronger. maybe what should have been used is Disqualifying Fault. Like I said in my earlier post those of us who have been around long enough and have the institutional memory are totally disgusted with how our beloved TT are shown in the ring today. Somehow I doubt that you have been in TT's long enough to appreciate the beauty of these dogs shown in their natural state.

  4. Is the author of the 2nd post seriously implying that there was nothing of quality or merit in the conformation of the other 6 group winners that would preclude the judge from judging to the standard and penalizing what is documented as a fault. Come on to the best of my knowledge at least 3 of the other group winners are multiple BIS winners.

  5. Wow, there's a lot of angry TT trash talking goin on here! I just want to say way to go Viper!