Sunday, January 11, 2009


If you saw last year’s Westminster broadcast you know that the BIS winner, the 15” Beagle, CH K-Run's Park Me In First, better known as Uno, can be pretty vocal. Well so can Kathy Weichert, one of Uno’s breeders/owners. We just got a heads up that the LA Times Unleashed column has given Kathy a chance to rebutt PETA’s campaign to ban the Westminster broadcast.

CH K-Run's Park Me In First
2008 Westminster BIS Winner

We were particularly incensed that PETA chose to attack Uno, who has been one of the greatest ambassadors for our fancy. We think Kathy did a pretty good job making the case for all of us. Read it all here.


  1. Good for her! What a wonderful interview, I especially loved the comment on "What would PETA say about children born with allergies, down's, etc" because I'm sure they'd say nothing. Tragedies afflicting humans pale in comparison to banning dogs and their owners from having fun at a dog show!

    -Sarah Murphy
    Serqet Ibizan Hounds

  2. Great coverage of this topic, Billy! Many thanks--you've given me some great food for thought!